Monday, September 13, 2010

Stumbling Through Fear . . .

I first discovered Etsy back in November of 2005 not long after it was launched. Back then I was making handmade beaded jewelry. I was having fun giving them away to family and friends. I had a thought about opening up an Etsy store and selling some. No pressure, just for fun. But as with most things in my life I felt that my work wasn't good enough. Then I thought "Who am I" to even consider something like that! Needless to say I never opened a shop.

Finally this past December, 4 years later I jumped in and opened a one to sell my photography. I had used my own photo to make Christmas cards and loved it. Even with all the same voices telling me I wasn't good enough I somehow pushed through and put my work out there. And although it was scary it did feel good. These are two of the very first cards I made but for whatever reason I never listed them. I think its time they took their place in my shop!

On this first card is a photo I took of the clock down at Grand Central Station in NYC. I used metallic bronze card stock embellished with a gold heart sticker.

The photo on this next card I took last year around Valentine's Day. The box of chocolates is from my husband. I loved how it looked along side the lamp. I shot this photo without looking. I just held it up, pointed it downward and clicked the button. I surprised myself with the results.

Have any of you fought those same thoughts telling you your work was not good enough? And if so did it make you stumble for a bit preventing you from putting it out there?


  1. Honey, I think we all have had those fears and doubts..I know I have. I am not trained in any field of art but I do love to create....
    Listen to you heart and if it says do it...GO FOR IT....You have nothing to loose...right?

    Your cards and art works are beautiful. You hae nothing to be afraid of but fear itself and it's a slimmy yucky need to fear that mess......


  2. Your cards are awesome. I bet you they will go fast in your Etsy shop. I had all my bangles listed on Etsy, but I ended up selling them offline. At least I didn't have to pay them anything and now I think taxes have to be added because internal revenue felt it wasn't getting it's fair share and also for people who bought, they didn't pay taxes on the items. I know you will do really good Cathy.

  3. Wow...Beautiful work Cathy...gorgeous and stunning!!
    Keep shining and keep creating!!

  4. Oh yes...those fears and doubts are very familiar to me, but got to say that over time it has gotten much better. I tend to compare myself to others and wish I was that good, but got to think of myself as an individual. We are all unique.
    Those cards are wonderful! Do what you love to do and put your own special touch out into the world.
    Thank you for sharing. :)
    Have a super day,

  5. Dear Cathy,
    Fear is a normal feeling. It's part of being human. I think we've all experienced self-doubt at one point or another. I've doubted my writing but when I see people's reaction when they read my stories...I fear no more! Publishing them has also confirmed that there's a market for my style. Remember: "You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith."
    Author: Mary Manin Morrissey

  6. Ha! Doesn't every creative person have something that they think 'just isn't good enough'?! I have a whole box of stuff that I don't have the gumption to put in my shop!! Some of the more presentable ones I gave away as free gifts. Just felt that nobody else would really pay me what they were worth, so I gave them away! Made me happy too!!

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Cathy :)

    I agree with the above comments, I think everyone has those kind of doubts at times. I've found the more you put your work out there though, the easier it gets!

    And those cards and your etsy shop are beautiful, you have no reason to doubt your talent!

  8. You have a gorgeous shop, Cathy!
    That clock card is my favorite, but all are very artistic and lovely.
    We all have our insecurties...squelch them! You are amazing :)
    And thank you for the visit and kind comment!

  9. your cards are lovely. yes, i'm afraid all the time but i've been trying to be brave. once you realize not everyone is going to like what you do you and you don't like everything everyone else does either, you kind of get over your fear. worst thing that will happen, they won't sell. but you will have had fun on your journey!
    loves to you!

  10. Commenting a bit later than others.

    Others are easily able to see the talent you have, better than you see it in yourself. Without being proud (a rare chance, I feel), you do have ample reason to be confident and satisfied with your work.

    Not everyone might have expressed, they are grateful for your choice to share your creativity.