Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

shot with iPhone 4, processed in snapseed

I think I should make a resolution to blog more!  Then again I typically despise new year's resolutions.  Too much pressure.  The beginning of yet another year always evokes feelings of newness, a way to reinvent ourselves or our work, and a way to move forward. 

Every New Year's Eve I feel pressure for that one night to be perfect.  To move gracefully into another year without a hitch, in the perfect mood, and feeling complete bliss.  What if all that doesn't happen?  What then?  So I decided this year to remember that each moment of everyday is a way to begin again.  Not just big holiday's, birthday's, and the like but every moment we are given.  I have struggled with that for most of my life.  I can only promise myself that I will try.  

As for my artwork, I have been excitedly trying out new techniques in both my digital art and mixed media!  Learning in more online classes than I like to admit!  2014 closed with an amazing opportunity to digitally design the book cover art for an upcoming publication which I cannot share just yet!  

As you may have noticed I have added pages in the toolbar at the top of my blog.  I have toyed with the idea of a website but for the meantime I will be adding details to each of those pages so I can share more with you guys!  Let me know how you like the new header image as well!  

I am loving Instagram as an easy quick way to share my art and works in progress as well as snippets into my personal life.   Look me up under @cathybueti to follow me!

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