Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let The Sun Shine . . . New Angel Sketch!

I sat on the couch last nite sketchbook in hand and out came another angel! I don't know what it is with me and these gals but obviously they are in my mind! I went small with the face (unintentionally) and hence the small eyes. I thought I would be the big eyed girl with the latest paintings I have been doing and then this. I am learning not to fight what comes through my hand onto the page. Just trying to let it flow. The words popped into my head after I finished sketching her.

I plan on painting her. Not sure how I will handle painting those small eyes though. That will be some fine detail I may have trouble with. Anyone ever use markers for eyes instead of paint? I know that is avoiding the paintbrush but my hand is not too steady yet!

As I look at this sketch I am trying hard not to stress over the potential color scheme!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Here in NY the heat has finally lessened and it is starting to feel like fall! My favorite season! Just wish it lasted longer. It always seems so short doesn't it?


  1. She's lovely!! I'm so glad you are letting your hand do what it wants and not forcing it another way, it's much better to be free I think :)

    As for the eyes, well you can use anything you like, that is the joy of mixed media....I have used pencils, markers, gel rollers and even glitter pens in the eyes before, there are no limits ;)

    Have fun

    Micki x

  2. Yes, I agree with Micki--just fool around with any medium for your eyes or any part of the painting for that matter--it's so much fun when you experiment. I also love the whole idea of this piece--can't wait to see what she tells you to do next.

  3. Hi Diane. I like this. Maybe the angel that stands at your side is communicating to you via paintbrush. :) It's a great piece. The eyes, well it's a lot easier to use something that has a very fine tip. I have been using pens, the fine pens. I agree with both ladies on everything. Good job, take care.

  4. go right ahead and paint those eyes with whatever your heart desires....
    she is a wonderful angel and so are you!
    thanks for all your sweet comments.

  5. Hey there, she's really lovely!!! I use pen sometimes especially for eyes, I find that if I paint first then use the pen to bring out the details more it really makes them pop, there's nothing wrong with doing whatever you feel your painting needs and mixed media is really fun!!! Can't wait to see it painted and don't stress about the colours I always love your colour choices!!!!

  6. go for it cathy, you are on fire! use whatever medium tickles your fancy, that's what mixed media is all about! have fun with it, i can't wait to see her finished!