Sunday, July 14, 2013

My First Digital Angel

I have been painting lots of girls lately.  Last night I created this angel girl on my iPad using the Paper53 app.  If you are into digital art then you must try this app!  you can pencil sketch, use pen, and watercolors to draw as well as paint.  I am still getting the hang of things but its fun trying something new.  

I started out with the pencil and sketched her out.  The I added colors with the watercolor brush.  The stars were done with the pen and of course there had to be scribbles.  I always love to draw eyes and this was fun to dress them up with some makeup.  lol

I think she will find her way to a canvas eventually but for now I am enjoying this digital creation . . . my first digital angel :)

Sharing her over at Sunday Sketches hosted by the lovely Alexandra from Blue Chair Diary!

Today Lou and I went to the movies and saw "Grown Ups 2".  It was great!!  So, so funny!!  If you are an Adam Sandler fan go see it!  I guarantee you will laugh!  


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Girl With The Crazy Red Hair!!

Ok, so I know I said this about my last painting, but I LOVE this girl!!  She is based off of a sketch I did about a year ago and as with the angel I omitted the open eye and nose.  And I think it fits somehow.  The idea of using red for her hair was very scary for me.  I went with golden's pyrrole red.  I think that shade just goes so well with black and white. 

As always  I like to show a few pics of how she came to be . . . 

First I used black and white paint very thickly applied to the canvas.  This is another 16x20.  Surprisingly I am enjoying going large with these faces.  

I use a stablilo marks all pencil in black to sketch her out and also use a faber castell gelato which smudges really well dry for the eye details.  The hair I squeezed right out of the bottle of the fluid acrylic.  Scary indeed!  It reminded me of scribbling!  

Here is an upclose shot so you can see some of the detail.  I stamped in her hair "you are loved"  which I hope you can see in this pic.  I still love stamping.

This gal is available and headed to my etsy shop soon but you can email me if you fall in love with her too! ;)

Today I flipped through my sketchbook and picked out another girl.  I started a new black and white background.  I hope to get to sketching her out on it soon!

Sharing at Paint Party Friday.  

Hope you are all enjoying a great and safe  holiday weekend.  I will be back on Sunday with some new digital sketches to share!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Rocky (A Day Late lol)

I meant to put up this post yesterday but somehow the day got away from me.  And I wasn't really that busy.  I am still trying to figure that one out!  lol  Anyway, Rocky turned 2 years old yesterday.  I took this photo of him when he was a puppy.  I used my big girl camera.  I wish I wasn't so lazy!  Its just so much easier and quicker to use my iPhone.  Nothing really can take the place of your DSLR.  I shot this in sepia and it was not digitally altered at all.  Its probably my favorite of him so far. Ok, note to self, get out the big camera again!

Wishing you all a nice holiday!  Its a quiet day for me.  Hubby is working all day.  The golf industry just doesn't take a break!  Be back tomorrow with a new painting to share!