Monday, February 16, 2015

Love Art

"love should be"

Here is hoping you all had a lovely Valentine's Day.  I created this heart art on that day I suppose feeling inspired by all things Valentine.  Then again I never need a reason to create hearts, they often are the subject of my art!  

This piece was created digitally on my iPad in Procreate.  Upon discovering some brushes I somehow had missed in Procreate I had fun using them to paint this heart.  I also used an ink pen to scribble the words across the canvas.  

The original piece was completed in black and white.  Of course I had to put it through a few filter apps and was happy with this red toned heart as the final image.  Pixlromatic was used for the filters.  

Do you use Procreate?  If not its a great app for drawing, painting, and even layering images.  Lots of fun to be had in this app!  Would love to hear if you have tried it!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

shot with iPhone 4, processed in snapseed

I think I should make a resolution to blog more!  Then again I typically despise new year's resolutions.  Too much pressure.  The beginning of yet another year always evokes feelings of newness, a way to reinvent ourselves or our work, and a way to move forward. 

Every New Year's Eve I feel pressure for that one night to be perfect.  To move gracefully into another year without a hitch, in the perfect mood, and feeling complete bliss.  What if all that doesn't happen?  What then?  So I decided this year to remember that each moment of everyday is a way to begin again.  Not just big holiday's, birthday's, and the like but every moment we are given.  I have struggled with that for most of my life.  I can only promise myself that I will try.  

As for my artwork, I have been excitedly trying out new techniques in both my digital art and mixed media!  Learning in more online classes than I like to admit!  2014 closed with an amazing opportunity to digitally design the book cover art for an upcoming publication which I cannot share just yet!  

As you may have noticed I have added pages in the toolbar at the top of my blog.  I have toyed with the idea of a website but for the meantime I will be adding details to each of those pages so I can share more with you guys!  Let me know how you like the new header image as well!  

I am loving Instagram as an easy quick way to share my art and works in progress as well as snippets into my personal life.   Look me up under @cathybueti to follow me!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Digital She Art

I have to admit that sketching on my iPad is always easier for me than getting
 out the paints and supplies.  Worse on my eyes but creatively it is a
super accessible outlet.  This gal was created in Paper 53 app (my fav!)
 The words as always spill out of me as I am drawing.  

To finish her up I put the image through
Pixlromatic app to add some filters.
And then I felt that "sigh"
 knowing it was complete. 


Friday, December 5, 2014


mixed media on 12x12 birch wood panel

Another piece I created inspired by Mindy Lacefield's Primitive Portraits class!  I am so loving her style of teaching as well as her inspiration to create loose, free, and intuitive.  I have long struggled with being able to do just that.  

Just the other day I tried to start a piece on this wood panel (which btw is becoming my favorite surface to work on!)  and really struggled.  I added some random color, started scraping and brushing it around only to feel as if I ruined it all.  Just a moment when my mind was truly not focused.  So I walked away.  Hours later I went back to it and dumped gesso all over it.  (thank goodness for gesso!)  and soon enough had another blank white space to work on.  

For this piece all I used was a Ranger distress ink pad, black stabilo pencil, and some water.  I had no idea what the ink would do but I loved the result.  I got lost in the moment unexpectedly and tried not to overthink it, just added, taking away, scribbling till it felt done.  Actually I had to walk away before I continued to overwork it.  

As I stood back looking at it I got chills.  That has never happened before in the past 4 years I have been creating art.  I feel as if I have stumbled upon a surface and supplies I really vibed to.  Who knows, I may stray from this as I tend to do but what I do know is that something in this broke something open in me that I have been longing to see within my art.  Possibly a piece of me . . . 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Going Primitive With Mindy!

"finding my way"
12x12 mixed media on cardboard

I have long been a fan of Mindy Lacefield's lovely artwork especially her primitive faces.  Recently I signed up for her Primative Portraits classes and am really enjoying learning from her! She is super sweet and its a joy to watch her create.  

Letting loose and working intuitively continues to be something I struggle with in my artwork.  I enjoy sketching faces but when it comes to painting them I for some reason just don't like it probably because I tighten up so much and try to be perfect that I end up with a stiff neck when I am done!  lol These classes are so inspiring as well as opening me up to a new loose way of creating a face.  

The above piece was created on cardboard.  I also had some pieces of paper towel laying around on my art table that I added to the board for really cool texture.  I found this girl's face in the background trying loosely to bring her out.  The quicker I work when I create the less critical I am of myself.  Any of you feel the same way??

If you haven't discovered Mindy's lovely work already 
check out her website HERE!

She is offering the third installment of her Primitive Portraits class series 
with Primitive Portraits 3 which I am excited about!  For details on this class and a 
chance to win a spot click HERE!!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lets Fly Away . . .

Late last night I was sketching on my iPad using Paper 53, my favorite drawing app. Of course the drawing was filtered with Snapseed as well.  Just can't help myself.   This sweet girl showed up and her message quickly popped into my head.  

"she wanted to fly away and she did"

I always wonder if the words that come through onto my artwork are things I am feeling and wishing.  I suppose that may be a silly question to ask myself because isn't that what we all do when we create, leave a bit of ourselves on the paper/canvas?

And lately I have been feeling restless and struggling with anxiety.  That tends to leave me with the urge to "run away"  although the way she puts it sounds so much nicer doesn't it? ;)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Her - Filtered

Last night I grabbed my graphite pencils and sketchbook, dusted them off and created this girl.  I tried not to think too much, just created whatever needed to come out of me at the time.  

I miss drawing and sketching.  I have been in a bit of a funk lately, for months actually and am planning on trying to sketch everyday as a daily practice for my mind.  Maybe if I put it out there I will stick to it! 

When she was finished I took a pic of her with my iPhone.  Of course the next thing I did was throw her in Snapseed (on of my fav filter apps)  and filtered away.  

And just like that she is transformed into something completely different.  
If you have never tried this with a sketch or even a painting give it a whirl.  It is addicting and fun!  Snapseed is a great app to start with.  For this gal I used the "drama" filter first and then the "grunge"  filter to achieve the effect you see here.  

Be sure to stop back and share a link to what you create!  I would love to see!