Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stretching To Sketch Challenge Week Two!

Here is my sketch for Kelly Berkey's challenge this week. I have to say this was a tough one! I see improvements in my proportions and the hand but I had a tough time with the legs and was not happy how her hair came out. I went a little crazy with it!

Although this was a difficult one for me it was fun to do! Check out the other entries along with the original photo over at Kelly's blog! (Click here) There is some great work this week! I am looking forward to jumping in to the next sketch!

Hope you will join us!! Click Here for more info about the challenge!


  1. you did a wonderful job.
    wasn.t kelly.s ballet bode just to die for?
    you will NEVER see pictures of me like that...however maybe if i had a body like would.

  2. You're right! There's a lot of good sketching going on around here!! Nice job. :-))

  3. You're doing FANTASTIC Cathy! I really need to do more it open for anyone to jump in?
    You're inspiring me :)♥

  4. Great job on this Cathy! I like the hair even though you think you went crazy, it a good way.

  5. Terrific! This would be impossible for me. I'm very impressed! Love your Autumn photos below; Autumn is my favorite :)

  6. Hi Cathy! I actually think the hair makes this a fun illustrative piece! Really, its great and creative. :)
    I probably won't be able to get in on the next challenge but hopefully the one after that. Sure fun to see everyones!

  7. I love the illusion of the hair--I agree with Jodi, and I wouldn't even try to tackle a body--this is great!!

  8. AWESOME!!! I was going to participate as well, but haven't gotten my act together yet. I'll have to catch up! And I actually love the hair... Fantastic!! Love, Silke