Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quick Face Painting

As you can see I kinda abandoned the pink girl for this gal who showed up in my journal last night.  I am finding that one neocolor II crayon and some white gesso is a fun quick way to paint a face.  And of course I would guess that it could work for anything you want to draw.  I may try this technique with some other sketching of hearts, figures, or some whimsy.  

I drew the face out quickly using the crayon to fill in the darkest areas, then sprayed some water over the whole page which activates the them quite nicely.  while that was still a bit wet I went back in with the white gesso to blend the crayon.  This was a back and forth process between the adding crayon and then gesso till I got the contrast I liked.  As you can see I also added some scratches while  everything was wet to grunge it up a bit.  The color I used was prussian blue.  I have to say though that the gesso dries very quickly so next time I may sub in titanium white acrylic instead.  

Would love to hear what you like to use for quick face painting!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Beginnings of Her . . .

I can't recall the last time I tried to paint a face.  It was something I enjoyed and then I seemed to just drop it.  Not sure why. Possibly out of frustration.  I become easily impatient with most things in life and my art is no exception.  

Late last night before bed I grabbed a neocolor 2 and quickly sketched out this girl.  I added water with a q-tip and smudged the water around, went back in with a little more crayon.  My plan is to go back in with some white gesso and see what happens.  I kinda like her expression already.  I love that she was not planned, she is just what came out of my hand as I sketched.  

If I can shut down the critiquing gremlins I may get her done.  Something simple, something small, and hopefully something inspiring . . .