Friday, October 8, 2010

Full Moon Shining

Thank you for your sweet comments on yesterday's sketching challenge post! I am learning so much and already started on the new pose last nite!

Today I wanted to share this photo that took last winter. It was a full moon that night. I grabbed my tripod and camera setting it up on the front steps of our house. In the winter we have a nice view of the water. I don't use the tripod often but I knew that with a night shot the shutter was going to stay open longer and any tiny movement would cause the image to blur.

I wish I jumped into these moments more often. I must have been outside for an hour in the freezing cold but none of it mattered. I was completely immersed in capturing the image I wanted. I quickly got lost in the beauty of the moon shining on the water.


  1. good fullness
    to soak in
    & remember
    your own.

  2. That is just such a beautiful picture. There's something about the light that reminds me of an eclipse - sort of magical x

  3. Wow... a spellbinding beautiful Cathy!! Gorgeous!

  4. That is amazing that is a night shot!!! I can't imagine the exposure time involved.....I love the beautiful pictures of night and have never been able to get a good one.
    I think the word *patience* is involved.


  5. Gorgeous photo. I love the way the trees are outlined in the sky. I take horrible pictures so really appreciate those of you that can take these beautiful photos.

  6. What a gorgeous shot!! Aren't winter night skies beautiful?!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  7. I can't stop looking at it! Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend Cathy. :)

  8. Happy Friday, Cathy!
    I absolutely love this photo. It's spectacular. I love full moons. You captured the essence of that night. BTW, I love your Kelly sketch. You're doing a fantastic job. As I told you before, I love the human body and your sketches depict that. :)

  9. That's a gorgeous scene! I've been swamped at work I have missed the next challenge photo so will have to go and look. See you there :)

  10. Oh, that is soooo gorgeous! I love that moon and the reflection - what an eye you have!! Love, Silke

  11. Wow, that is gorgeous!

  12. Great photo Cathy! I'd love to do some night shots like this, but so far have been to lazy/busy/pre-occupied with other stuff to get my tripod out!!! You have inspired me!

    Ro xx

  13. That is a stunning shot! Hugs, Diane

  14. It's gorgeous Cathy! I know what you mean about braving the weather to get that perfect shot. I stood outside in a lighting storm in Guatemala a few years back and kept snapping until I got an amazing photo of a lightning strike.