Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Process of a Journal Page

I have recently started art journaling.  I am not too consistent with it however it does come in handy when I need what I call a "mind spill".  And yesterday morning was one of those moments.  I find I can let go of perfection more if I am using a page in a journal.  This rings especially true when it comes to painting faces.  

The process for this girl went something like this . . . 

- prep page with gesso

-add a layer of words stamps (oh how I love to stamp!)

-using a black stabilo pencil sketch out a face

-add water and using a palette knife drag with water through the pencil color

- go back in with more pencil to define areas of the face

-add white gesso to the eyes and highlights of the face.

-use a black faber castell gelato to darken the lines and add water for drips

- using a pitt pen scribble some words

-drag palette knife through leftover gesso and "stamp" it over the page

What are your favorite supplies to use for art journaling? Please do share!