Monday, September 6, 2010

Love Is Falling . . . Sketch Painted!

Love Is Falling
8x10 mixed media on canvas

This is a painting of the sketch I posted Friday (see that post here). I got caught up in my color scheme again but in the end I am happy with it.

One problem I was having with this one is in going from the sketch to painting I feel like I was unable to get the hearts to pop out. The sketch is grayscale so it was easier to get them to show up on white paper with a black pitt pen! Here I was unsure if the pink outlined with the black pitt pen is enough to make them stand out. Or perhaps I am just obsessing again and haven't stepped back long enough!

Would love your input on this!

Hope you all like the painted version as well!


  1. Wow..I love this wonderfull enchanting is full of expression and movement..and beutiful-spirit! Fantastic Cathy!
    PS: I think it is truly lovely as is..trsut what feels best for opininon is it is WOW-Wonderful!!

  2. Cathy, she is beautiful and just glows! I love all the hearts, her large eyes and expression! Great job!

    It's been raining here and I'm having trouble getting my background to dry. I decided on trying a new background technique and am having a blast with it. I didn't record it but am photographing the process. Hopefully I can finish soon but doubt tonight. What a wonderful day, eh? I hope your heart is soaring with art and making all the pain in this life a little bit easier today:-)

  3. Hi Cathy. I think the color scheme is perfect the way it is. Your work has movement and the little bowl she is holding tells us what she is doing. Catching hearts in her bowl, a bowl full of love.She is glowing with contentment. Hey, I love it!! Great work. You are just doing so good. Congrats! Have a great Tuesday.

  4. Her eyes are looking right at the hearts and draw your eye to them too! Cool!

  5. Cathy, I love it...the hearts pop just the way they sweet and gentle.....

  6. Hi Cathy! She is adorable! I love how she is catching all the love around her. I feel it is perfect! Have a wonderful week! :)

  7. Hi there, she is lovely and I think the colour scheme with the hearts works perfectly. Gorgeous piece!! :0)

  8. I think the color of the hearts work well with the painting too. She's very sweet and soft and that's the way the hearts should be too--well done!

  9. this is super beautiful! and what i love so much about your work is the emotion you've expressed. i don't see so much of whether the pink outlined with the black works, but rather i see your incredible heart shining through. she's just beautiful!

    best wishes to you!

  10. I love your painting and the color scheme. Since you asked...I think some pale pink glitter would enhance the hearts but softly so. Happy week ahead...

  11. Your blog is inspiring! Thanks for sharing...hope you will come and visit my blog sometime. This art piece is beautiful!