Monday, July 30, 2012

Short Hair Update :)

Thought I would post an update for those of you who recall my short hair girl post from a few weeks ago.  You can read that post HERE.  As you can see from this awkward self portrait I did not go for the pixie cut.  I went a lot shorter but to a style that I am already comfortable in.  

I have long been a fan of the short angled bob.  I have had this style many times.  What I like most about it is that it still feels long, you can pull it back, and if you get tired of this style it is super easy to grow out.  I have found over the years that when I am at my most emotional and feeling all mixed up inside (as I have been for months now)  it is never a good time to make drastic changes to my hair.  

So for now I am enjoying this cute 'do.  I only wish I could get it to look this good at home without a stylist!  lol

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun With Monoprinting !

I am always excited to try new techniques.  I guess maybe that is part of what feeds my addiction to online workshops!   This week I tried some monoprint techniques in my journal.  And I was inspired to keep the palette simple returning to my favorite colors . . . simply black and white.  For the top image I just used black gesso as the background with white paint.  I added scratches and some stencils.  I really love black and white.  

I tried another one soon after since the first was so much fun and this time I used payne's gray as a background color.  I went with a more pinkish tone which I love with the deep blue.  Then I went more crazy with scribbles, scratches, and drips.  I really love this one.  

 I am sure I will try more again soon!  Sharing these today over at Paint Party Friday.  If you haven't joined yet please come on over!  Kristin and Eva host a fun party each week!  Its a great way to meet other artist's and see some awesome art work!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Remembering Bliss . . .

In all of the craziness that is life lately I find myself looking to the past.  I find myself looking for memories of happy times, of blissful moments.  

I do realize that all of the looking back distracts us from the present moment.  What I did find though is that sometimes it can help sustain us.  It can give us focus, something to look forward to. 

I was searching through my iphoto albums on Saturday morning looking for a couple of images to use for digital collage.  What I stumbled upon was this photo.  It was taken on my birthday back in July of 2008.  I look at this and feel the happiness and bliss that I clearly remember from that moment.  We were out in Newport.  I  had just lost my Dad to cancer a month prior and was heartbroken.  Lou surprised me with a weekend away in one of my favorite places for my birthday.  It was just the thing I needed, that we needed.

I was able to feel happiness in the midst of all my pain.  

I plan on framing this photo and keeping it in our living room where I can be inspired by this moment everyday . . . 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Love Brightens The Soul - New Abstract

"love brightens the soul"
mixed media on 12x12 gallery wrapped canvas

Hard to believe it is Friday again already!  The summer is really flying on by.  I am pretty sure I say that to myself every summer but this year has been crazy so far!

Today I wanted to share my latest abstract.  I used a color palette not typical for me but I am pretty happy with the results.  And after such gloom and doom over here at Casa Bueti lately with my arm debacle and the loss of yet another dog 2 weeks ago it felt nice to paint something inspiring and positive.  

I am finding that the more I paint with my hands the less I enjoy using a brush.  This piece was painted that way.  I always wear gloves when I paint with my hands.  If not that would be one big mess!  I did use my palette knife for some of the details though.  I used payne's gray mixed with quin nickel azo gold, and titan buff.  I am hoping you can see the nice deep green color the gray and the gold create.  

Here is a shot of it before my favorite part.  This was also the stage where I was stuck fearing my next move would mess it all up.  

I am sharing this piece over at Paint Party Friday. 
 It is quite a rainy day here in NY but much needed.   These kind of days make me feel lazy.  Perfect weather for cuddling up on the couch with a pug.  


Monday, July 16, 2012

City Grunge . . . New Digital Collage

 I find myself wandering into photoshop alot more.  As I always say, its like painting without the mess!  This new digital collage was created from one of my nyc photos, a landscape painting, and if you can see it in the top right corner, one of my girl sketches.  

Here is the first layer . . . 

Then I applied this image of my abstract landscape painting

It was fun to play with the layers.  It added even more grunge to my original city blur photo.  I also love to use the negative image because it gives such cool colors, so different than the original.

We are having another heat wave this week here in NY.  One of the things I love about living in the northeast is that the cool crisp fall air is just around the corner!  Stay cool wherever you are!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Act Natural And A New Grungy Abstract

 Today I am feeling hung over from staying out late Wednesday night ( not from drinking sadly, just from lack of sleep. lol).  Lou and I went to see Def Leppard.  This was the 4th time we have seen them in concert and its always a great show!  

However, in the creating department I was feeling uninspired alot this week. I hate when this happens to me as it tends to do from time to time.  So I headed over to "The Land of Lost Luggage"  where I am taking a few online classes with Julie Prichard and that did the trick.  

 I  created this journal  page with techniques I am learning in Julie's "Act Natural" online class.  She shows you how to use a limited neutral color palette to create aged, grungy art.  Its really cool!  Once I watched the promo video I knew I was in!  Watch that video along with the class info HERE.  

 The techniques were easy and fun.  I do really like how this piece turned out.  I love how it looks old as if paint was peeling along the bottom.  You all know by now how much I like drips and of course I couldn't help but use my white out pen to add some scribbles.  

If you have never taken a class over at Julie's network I highly recommend it!  The classes are super affordable and always open!

Sharing this piece today over at Paint Party Friday.  Thanks as always to Eva and Kristin for hosting this great gathering each week!

I have been getting back to some digital collage and will share some of that soon  :)


Monday, July 9, 2012

The Story Continues . . .

 If you missed the first installment of this story click HERE to get started!

And I just wanted to say a big thank you to all who commented on my Toby post.  As always your support and kind words mean so much to me.  xo

Now lets get back to Sophia . . . 

“Come here my sweetness. . .”  I hear him say in a demanding yet gentle sexy tone. 

I feel him grab my hand by the fingertips.  He gently places them up on his shoulder.  His other arm wraps around my waist and I collapse into his strong chest.  I can almost feel his heart beating through his white t-shirt.  The shirt feels soft and smells musky.

Michael gives me a tight squeeze and I tilt my head just enough to rest my cheek in the nook.  You know, that place just below the clavicle and on top of a pillowy pec muscle.  His cheek leans in to rest on my forehead.  It feels so good.  It feels like home. 

All of a sudden I feel like someone has sucked the oxygen out of my body.  That nice chill is gone and a pounding in my head is starting.  As I reach up to rub my temples willing the pain away I notice the dark green big lawn and leaf bag crumpled up in the corner of the closet.  Its been five years already.  I wonder why I am holding on to it.  The clock is ticking.  Literally.  I didn’t even realize that 15 minutes have gone by and I still haven’t found my damn boots. 

 I just can’t resist.  I guess I like to torture myself.  As if this day won’t be stressful enough. I creep along the carpet towards the bag.  My knees are beginning to hurt.  I can almost feel the bruises forming.  I am sure my knee caps will look all yellowish green and brown in no time. 

 I inhale another dust bunny on the way.  I feel my stomach tying itself in knots.  I see glistening sweat begin to form in droplets on my palms.  Acid is forming in my throat.  I feel it sting as it rises up hitting the back of my tongue in a frenzy.  One big gulp and its on its way back down.  I reach up and grab my chest, rubbing it as if that will make the pain disappear.  As I continue to quell the heart attack I am sure is starting  I reach my ice cold fingertips over to the right side of the closet. 

After all this time the bag feels crunchy.  I take my thumb and push it through the plastictill it makes a print, stretches it to a creamy green color, and finally punctures a hole.  With my other hand I rip it apart.  I can't help but wonder if I am just a glutton for punishment.  

My heart is racing and I can feel the tears well up in my eyes.  There is just no sense in a futile attempt to hold them back.  It’s a wonder I resisted this long.  I reach in and pull out the sleeve of Michael’s leather jacket. Air gets caught up in my throat when I see the splatters of blood decorating the white accents of its carbon black sleeve.

to be continued . . . 

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Sad Day . . .

Toby and Bosco,  2009

Toby, you were the sweetest big dog I ever met.  
You fought a good fight and now you
 can rest peacefully.  
Bosco is waiting for you.  He wants to play again. 
 Say hi to him for me.  
You will always be in our hearts and be forever missed . .  .

Toby Bueti
1999 - 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm A Year Old Now . . .

Rocky says "Hey lady, its my birthday and I can lay down wherever I want to even on the couch so you have no place to sit."

I took this photo on July 3rd, Rocky's first birthday and forgot to post it!   

I guess this is his tough guy look? lol

Cute but stern  :) 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Beginnings of A Story . . .

I feel the carpet burning my freshly shaved milk white knees as I crawl through the closet looking for my boots.  I wonder why I am so disorganized.  I wonder why I am such a mess.  As I look around I realize that I may never find them.  I flick my long brown hair off my right shoulder and notice the clock on my white wash stained end table is screaming at me.  Its ten o'clock! 

"Dam I am late again!" I think to myself.  

I go into a half stand catching my nightgown under my toes and fall flat on my back. I reach my hands up and begin to rub my now red bumpy knees back to life.  I have no energy for this.  He is for sure going to be mad at me again.

 I curl up into a ball hugging my legs, rubbing my flushed cheeks against the softness of the flannel on my nightgown.  I begin to rock back and forth as if I am in a straight jacket. Strangely the rocking soothes me.   In the stillness of the moment I am longing for him.  Sometimes I think I can feel him next to me.  I look at my forearms still wrapped around my legs as if they are holding on for dear life and I see goosebumps.  I feel the chill of them race through my body tugging on my heart.  I stop rocking.  A calmness washes over me.  I wonder if it is him again. 

It doesn't take much to lure me back to those moments.  Even though it was years ago for me it will always feel like yesterday.  If I close my eyes I swear I can see him. If I think hard enough I feel him touch me gently on the face.  Its as if I am right there in the kitchen with him again . . . 

“Hey Sophia, babe, come here.”  He says with a hushed tone that makes me tingle all over. 

As he reaches out his arm calling me to him I do not hesitate.  Not for one second. 

His jet black hair and bright blue eyes mesmorize me.  They are crystal blue like the ocean.  His soft full lips curl up into a smile and I long to kiss them.

to be continued . . .