Monday, September 27, 2010

Look Into My Eyes . . . Sketch Is Painted!

Look Into My Eyes . . .
8x10 mixed media on canvas board

Once again, thanks to all of you for your nice comments on my last post! I finally had a chance today to paint her! So here she is all dolled up (as my grandma would say) !

You all know how much I struggle with color palettes. Well, I have to say with this one I decided to go with lighter colors. And I really like the tone of the painting. I thought that pink with white would be too blah which is why I have been making myself crazy with picking darker colors, complimentary colors etc when this is truly what I love. So I should do it right?! :)

These words were written in the top left of my last sketch. I didn't want to forget them. And in the sketch I had a barette in her hair. What do you guys think? I am on the fence as to whether she needs it . . .

It is also my first time painting this type of eye. I have so much fun with the eyes. Especially when it comes to lashes, shadowing and that kind of stuff. To me its like makeup! lol

Well, I hope you all like her painted as much as you did sketched!


  1. Hi Cathy, I think she turned out really gorgeous! I love her eyes, I feel exactly the same way about painting eyes, its my most favourite part of the face!!

    It's really interesting to see your style develope with the class you are taking. I've seen alot of my blog friends take this class and it really does inspire them. I really like that I can see Suzi's influence in your girl but you have kept your own distinct style! Great work :0)

  2. Hi Cathy...yay...she's wonderful and perfect as is! Beauitful to see her transform!

  3. Cathy, she is exquisite! I LOVE the colors you used - so subtle, so soft and so very elegant. She looks kind and serene. And her eyes...just beautiful!! Perfect!! Love, Silke

  4. great eyes my dear...
    great eyes.

  5. she's very pretty....beautiful blue eyes!

    colors are wonderful too!


  6. hi cathy, she is darling! i can see my sultry-ness in her, way to go! i'm glad you are having fun learning.
    take care my dear!

  7. She's perfect the way she is!!! I love Suzi eyes :)

  8. Hi Cathy!!! she looks wonderful...what a great piece....