Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stretching To Sketch Challenge Week One

This is my sketch for the Stretching to Sketch Challenge over at Kelly Berkey's blog. Each week Kelly will post a picture of herself in a ballet pose for you to sketch or paint.

I had never sketched the human form before so this was intimidating for me. I used graphite pencil and a pitt artist pen. I plan to participate in this challenge each week and hopefully improve on my skills especially in sketching hands! That was the hardest part of this for me. The hair was the easiest. lol

You can check out the original photo for this sketch here.

Check out the rest of the artwork in this challenge here.

Hope you will join us!


  1. Beautiful Cathy--you are a natural!

  2. Great job Cathy! I'm super impressed! Love it!

  3. Wonderful work Cathy..yay..beautiful!

  4. you did a beauty.full job dear.
    and miss kelly is oh such the perfect person to draw. she looks incredible for 43! thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. i read your post about fear and thought it was funny we were both asking...
    "who am i?"
    those naughty little fear gremlins...let.s kick em to the curb.

  5. Wow Cathy, this is wonderful! I can't wait to see more from you. :)

  6. That is really good Cathy. I think it's great that you are involved in this project. Enjoy and I look forward to your weekly sketches. Take care,

  7. Nice work, Cathy! I like the shading on the back. Your pictures/cards on Etsy are very cool, my fellow flying friend.

  8. cathy, i'm so in love with your bravery!! thanks so much for joining in the challenge and putting yourself out there with me. it means so much to have someone else new to this journey join me:-)
    hugs to you o'brave one!! lol

  9. beautifully captured!!

    kelly is you can see in her photos and on her blog....but i can share first hand.

    she truly is up live and in person....STUNNING SOUL!!

    what a fun challenge....loved looking at all the creations!

    happy day