Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall . . . Where Are You?!

Ok, so fall has arrived but here in NY you wouldn't know it by the heat wave that has ensued! Starting today until the weekend we are expecting humidity and temps in the high 80's. I have to say that I am sooooo done with summer! I am a summer baby and it used to be my favorite time of year. But these days since my cancer treatment threw me into early menopause it doesn't take much to spiral me into a hot flash! And the heat just triggers lots of them. This may be the winter I will go out sans a coat!

Fall has become my favorite season not only because of the crisp, cool weather but all of the beauty up here in the northeast with the foliage changing. So to get me in a cooler mood I decided to post some pictures I took last fall near my house. Actually these were taken in the same area as my wild flowers from yesterday's post.

Of course I needed a macro shot of the leaves!

The colors against the water are so pretty . . .

This is the walktrail across the street where I spend alot of time with my pug!

What is your favorite season?


  1. Fall is just so perfect....all my knit things come out of hiding, my black leather motorcycle jacket (nope, DH bans me from having a bike!), the color of the leaves, the sweet smell of everything!
    And yes, it is COOLER! And I am way ready for not only cooler, but COLD.
    Waiting, waiting.....


  2. I grew up in North Georgia....I miss those colorful leaves! Thanks for sharing... keep them coming! :) xox - Kim

  3. You've hit upon my favorite season...Fall! And you did it with some gorgeous pictures too....Another favorite thing of mine!! :-)

  4. Fall has to be my favorite season too! The leaves are just starting to turn here. And yeah...what's up with the heat?!?! Hurry up Fall! Love the pics!

  5. Autumn is definately my most favourite time of the year, I just love those colours! Your photos are GORGEOUS!! It's spring here in Australia so we're just itching for the warmer weather and the blossoms are starting to really come out, lovely!

  6. fall too is my favorite part of year. right now we are having stormy weather, so much rain we are under a flood watch. but oh how i love the rain! makes me feel like getting comfy in bed and sketching...or visiting talented artist's blogs!!
    loves to you my hot-flashy friend!! oh, that sweet boy was in my office again today:-)

  7. Glad that you add captions with your beautiful pictures. There is no better way to describe the picture, and the person behind the camera.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, and yes, this is why you can't help but love Fall (even though it brings us winter :(

  9. I absolutely LOVE fall and these pictures have truly put me in the mood for pumpkin picking, fireside reading, and warm comfort food.

    I love the contrast of the bright red leaves against the dark blue water. I am anxious to go in search of my own photographic opportunities over the next few weeks.