Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pizza Date and Some Sketching

Every Friday nite my hubby and I have a pizza date. Whether we go out or make pizza at home it is a tradition we started a few years ago. It is something simple that we dedicated to "us". And I look forward to it each week.

After he fell asleep, which is usually early as he gets up for work in the wee hours of the morning, I picked up my sketchbook. I wasn't tired yet and sometimes late at night is when I feel most inspired. I used to write poetry. Some of my best poems were written in the darkest hours. Although it gets in the way of proper sleep sometimes you just can't fight the muse!

So here is another angel I sketched with some of the features I am learning in my Suzi class. Excuse my notes up in the left corner. Those are some words that I will use on the finished painting.

I am hoping to find some time this weekend to put her on a canvas and see what happens! Of course I am most excited to paint her eyes!

Thanks for all your lovely comments on yesterday's sketching post!


  1. Ooooo! She's got ♫ Betty Davis Eyes !! " ♫ :-)
    Nice job!...By the way, writing poetry in the middle of the night is one of my favorite things to do!! ^_^

  2. This one is *you*......I see a progression in your faces, and I am really struck by this sketch! :)


  3. Your hand is continuing to get more steady. And there is more attention to detail.

    If the musing impulse awakens you, try noting down some key words as memory aids. Please don't neglect your sleep. It will serve you well. Sorry! Have a habit of giving suggestions.

  4. cathy, i'm loving the more stylize face!! wow, what growth we can achieve when we learn from each other! great job...i can't wait to see her painted!

  5. Your faces keep evolving! Fabulous!

  6. she is so kind & darling.
    i, for one, would like her near.

  7. What beautiful faces! I love your sweet pug too. Thank you so much for your kind visit to my blog...I'm happy to have found each other....have a great Sunday! : )

  8. It's so nice that you and your husband have that special time together. This new piece is looking her nose....will be on the lookout for when you have her finished.
    Hugs to you Cathy. :)

  9. She's so cute Cathy! I look forward to seeing her painted too!

  10. Hi Cathy! So very nice to meet you! I Followed You Over From Your Sweet Comment Left This A.M. At Dimples & Dragonflies. I Too Have Now Joined Your Blog As A New Follower. Sweet Lady..Your art and story truly stirred my soul this morning. I will try to visit you often.

  11. So, so beautiful!! I love the expression on her sweet face. Wow - you are doing so great with these sketches!! Guess what, I set up an easel today and I think I am ready to get into my painting again. You inspire me!!! Love, Silke