Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back To My Angels . . . New Painting

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments on my last post! As an update I have decided to keep the hearts as is for now. After walking away for a bit that day I went back to it after a few hours and it popped out to me. I really liked all the colors and the hearts!

Here is a painting I did yesterday . . .

Look To The Other Side . . .There Is Hope
8x10 mixed media on canvas

You may recognize her from a sketch I previously posted (see that post here). I woke up yesterday morning earlier than usual and saw her in my head. The texture I would use, the color palette and rambled over the details until I couldn't go back to sleep. That has never happened before. It was like she was calling to me and telling me what she wanted!

I used molding paste for texture around the outside of the canvas board. Although I was leery about the dark colors and the black hair as they are new for me I tried to just go with it. And I am pleased with how it came out.

I find that I am having trouble getting a good shot of my paintings as far as lighting for the colors to show accurately. Are you photographing your art or scanning it?


  1. i love all this
    love falling
    & hope
    on the other side/
    a banquet of
    angels ~ ~
    i'd love
    to take
    a seat!

  2. Wow, Miss You are on a roll with the painting and the blogging... I still have yet to unpack my studio.... It will be soon though!!! Hope all is well! xo - Kim

  3. This is really lovely! Very inspiring to me.

  4. Cathy, very very nice. I like what you did with the colors. Yes, I know what you mean about your work speaking to you. With me and the Papel Amate (paper) I've been using, I'm just winging it and what comes to be, comes to be and I'm loving it. My house needs cleaning but that's what happens when painting gets under the skin and that is what is happening to you. Go for it! Keep up the great work. I love it. I love the peachy rough dark look around her. It's awesome.

  5. Oh this is wonderful! The wording is just perfect. I scan smaller works, but use my camera for larger pieces. I also run into light problems when I use the camera.

  6. hi Cathy,
    So nice to meet you, thank you for saying hello over at my blog and for your lovely thoughts. Your work is wonderful (i love your words!) and it's nice to find you here embracing your creative journey... I'll look forward to following!
    i have a lot of trouble getting good photos of my work too... I scan my work if it's small enough otherwise try and take photos set up in as much natural light (but not direct sunlight) as possible. Or for bigger pieces if I need a really good image I'll sometimes take them into a professional printers to scan them for me! I very much love the texture you've created in this piece too... she is so sweet.

  7. She's great Cathy! LOVE the texture on this piece!!
    Thanks for stopping by, I love your visits :)

  8. Hi Cathy!!! I love your angels!!! this is wonderful work!!!

  9. Wonderful texture--you were right to listen to her!! And yes, it's hard to give justice to artwork through photos. I always have to take pictures, and it can be fustrating. It's best to get them in natural light.