Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rocky's Photo Shoot

Yesterday morning I decided to dust off my Canon DSLR.  For the past few years I have only used my iPhone 4 (yes I still have that old version lol)  and occasionally my Canon powershot D10. 
I love macro photography, always have, but I don't have a macro lens.  I supposed I just couldnt justify the expense when I don't use the camera much at all anymore.  But I did play with it couple of years ago in the AV mode.  

One of my subjects was of course Rocky.  He was pretty patient with me but there are quite a few blurry shots from him moving around when he must have about had enough of the photo shoot.  lol 

I am sure at some point I will be playing with these images on my iPad in some filter apps but until then I kinda like them just as they are.  One of the things I love about the AV mode is how much light it lets in and you can get that blurred background that mimics a macro lens.  These were all shot in black and white.  Love monochrome even in my artwork.  

What is your go to camera these days?