Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sketching My Favorite Boy

I want to thank all of you for your great comments and advice on my last post! It is so helpful to me as I learn to navigate the art world! I did start a background yesterday for her and will be sure to post her when she is painted!

Here is a sketch I wanted to share for today . . .

This is a sketch of my sweet pug that I did from a photo. I sketched this a few months ago before I even realized how much I would enjoy it. I used a brown colored pencil and a Q-tip for smudging to shade. It was scary for me at first when I decided I wanted to try this but I surprised myself. I think that it came out pretty good for a newbie.

I have to say that I may be too intimidated to take this on as a painting. Not sure about that yet.

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend!


  1. Oh I love your pug Diane. The love of a family pet member can never be matched. I painted my Chorizo before she passed on and I have her as well as my other FPM on my side bar. You didn't mention your pugs name but it is a cutie pie. I've never had a pug, but sometimes I'm tempted. Chorizo was Sharpei/Chow. I think you did a great job in the sketch. Why not try darkening him a little with the pencils and keep it that way. It would be great framed. Add a sealer. I like it. I want it. heheheh Tee hee. Just joshing. Have a great rest of the day.

  2. WOW! Your real talent may be yet undiscovered! You can see her little personality in your sketch. Can't wait to see what else you do with this one! :-)

  3. Cathy, I love your little pug! I think you should make a copy to paint and keep the original. It's darling just the way he is!

  4. Kelly's right--you can make a copy--that's what I do when I make a sketch that I really like and am afraid to add color. I love your little pug!!

  5. cathy, so nice to "meet" you!
    i adore your landscapes, sweet sweet flowers,
    dear creatures & faces & messages...
    i celebrate w/you your life & book & light!
    i look forward to following you too.

  6. hi cathy!! your little pug is the absolute cutest......good for you for jumping in there with your pencil and going for it!! thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello.....have a wonderful day!!! :)))

  7. Hi Cathy,
    Thank you for your comment, I'm glad to discover your blog and your art. I like all of it but your landscapes are amazing! Such a lovely style! I'll be back to see more.

  8. Your sketch is incredible; what a charming pug! Love it! Thank you for following, my Blog; I intend to visit yours often. Your art speaks, to me, and I love your style with your faces and landscapes! Best to you always-Marilyn

  9. Hi Cathy,
    I love your sketch. Why don't you venture and paint it like you do with your other sketches?
    It's worth the try, don't you think?