Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Nite Sketching . . . Seek Peace

It was her hairstyle that popped in my head first as I was getting ready for bed last nite. I didn't want to forget the image I saw so there I was sitting up in bed with my sketchbook hoping I wouldn't wake up my hubby.

I have been wanting to try a different hairstyle. So here is my attempt at a braid! And its funny that I really like to shade in the cheekbones but when I go to paint it I don't do that shading. I think I am afraid to mess it up since I am not comfortable with shading in paint for that part of the face. Hmmmm...maybe I should give it a try sometime!

Not sure if you can read my notes above her head but it says "Seek peace around every turn". Those are the words I will most likely collage on the painting unless something else comes to me. I try to go with what comes to me first and not think too much about it afterwards.

I am hoping to begin painting her later today. Wonder what my color palette will be this time. . .


  1. Once again, she's beautiful! And since I've been known to sport a hair style like that myself on occasion I'm particularly happy to see her!! :-)

  2. She looks very peaceful. I adore her eyes and her plait!

  3. Her mouth looks like she would give yummy kisses to her sweet one.......

  4. i love her hair & expression
    & love your dreamy one below too!!!
    big hugs!

  5. adoable! i can't wait to see her all painted. are you liking your big course? you sure are taking lots of art classes! xoxo