Friday, November 12, 2010

Seek Peace. . . . A New Painting

"Seek Peace . . ."
mixed media on 9x12 canvas board

Here she is in her painted version! Although I like the original sketch better I do like the color palette which was a mystery to me even as I was painting her. She ended up more goth than I expected! This time I used some distress ink around the edges and I like the effect it gives. This one is also inspired by Tam's class Art, Heart, and Healing. Check out the link along my sidebar and join us if you haven't already!

In other news I sold my first painting! And I wasn't even trying. I have not listed any of my paintings in my etsy shop as I don't feel confident enough in them yet to sell them. I just posted a photo of it on FB to share it with some friends as I always do with my artwork and I received a comment from someone that loved it. He asked me if I would consider selling it because he wanted to give it to his 8 year old daughter who is an aspiring artist. She recently won a first place award in an art contest and told me how proud he is of her. He thought my painting would help inspire her to follow her dream.

I have to say I got all choked up hearing this story. I instantly thought back to when I was her age and won the first place ribbon for my pastel butterfly. Then I thought about how neither of my parents ever encouraged me with my creative interests. I waited until the age of 40 to begin painting. I instantly felt a connection to this little girl who is blessed with a dad that wants to support and inspire her dreams. That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I felt it was no accident that I was presented with this opportunity to help inspire her. It was syncronicity for me! You can see the photo of that painting here.

Oh, and one more thing . . . thanks so much for your lovely comments on my sunset photo!


  1. cathy, first, thank you so much. and second, what an endearing story. i too would have choked up.
    fb, at the encouragement of miz katie, is also where i found a great assest for selling my paintings. i just post them also, getting wonderful feedback and some small great the internet can be and then not!
    your work is wonderful and this painting is so full of youth and emotion...i can imagine it speaking to all ages, just BEAUTIFUL!

  2. oh, i forgot about julie's classes. of course what i liked may not be your cup of tea. i think you can watch previews for all of them. they are so reasonable and teach you soooo much, that no matter your artistic avenues, you will go away with MANY attributes to use in your own way!!! good luck!

  3. Cathy congratulations! Whether the new work for the first sale!

    Brava, brava, brava!!!!
    Even my parents never supported my art.


  4. Hi Cathy...she looks wonderful all painted ....her eyes are so bright and blue like the ocean!!! wonderful work!!!

    Have a fantastic weekend!!!

  5. Congratulations Cathy on your first sale, and don't you love where it's going? I think this is the best kind of sale!

  6. This is lovely and congratulations on selling your painting! Wonderful for you....Marilyn

  7. Beautiful I love this gorgeous goth soul! and yay Congrats..what a beautiful story..a heart-touching post! Wonderful!
    Shine on Cathy!

  8. Hi Cathy!

    First of all congratulations! How exciting! What a lovely story about selling your first painting! I love your style and your paintings and I think you would do fantastically in an etsy shop! You could even sell prints of your work!!! I think it's all about confidence and I still get surprised when someone wants to buy one of my paintings, I'm still building up my confidence in my work too.

    I love this new piece, the shading in her face and the goth look to her, especially her eyes. Your colours always looks so bright and fresh and vibrant! Really love this!!! :0)

  9. Cathy, I LOVE HER!! This is going to sound strange, but she reminds me of exactly what I looked like when I was about 17!! I sure wish you did have this one in your etsy shop!! If it was in my price range she would be mine!!!

    By the way, I had a dad like that too. And not my biological dad either. He was there every since I was born though!! He always encouraged me and thought I was great at everything {which clearly I was not! :-)} But it gave me tremendous confidence to be the girl I am today...confident, adventurous, curious, and not afraid to dance to the beat of a different drummer when I think it's right! I Love him....and your girl...ME!! :-)

  10. She's lovely Cathy, and congrats on first sale!!

  11. cathy, what a beautiful story, and that painting was perfect for a little girl from her daddy! must make you happy to have someone so special have your artwork on her wall!

  12. Oh, Cathy, you are truly spreading your butterfly wings and taking off with your art!! I am sure it was no accident that your art is inspiring others to follow their dreams! Your latest painting is just gorgeous as well - I love those eyes... Love, Silke