Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Open Your Heart . . . Mixed Media

"Open Your Heart"
mixed media on 12x16 canvas board

This painting was done for Tam's free class Art Heart and Healing. I sketched her out first. You can see the initial sketch in this post. In that post I shared my frustration with painting on a journal page. So I decided to paint her on a canvas board. I really had fun with this. It is my first painting incorporating mixed media techniques like layering, stamping, and collage.

I only used water soluble crayons for the entire piece as Tam does. The only paint used was some white acrylic for the background and a bit to mix in with the crayons on her face. And I only had student grade cheapie crayons in standard colors. I loved using them! It made shading the face so much easier for me than when I have used just paint. I may have to invest in some of the caran d'ache crayons I have heard so many good things about! I used my graphite pencil for shading which blended nicely into the color. Using a brayer is also new to me and how fun is that?!

If you haven't joined us already please do! Tam is great and I love her style of teaching! You can sign up for this free class over at Willowing !


  1. This is great Cathy! Isn't Tam the sweetest, most kind person? I just love her! I feel I learn so much MORE than just art techniques from her.....she makes me want to be better in many other areas too :)

    I was thinking of making my own journal out of heavy watercolor paper......probably not yet, but it's something I want to try :) I don't have the Caran d'ache crayons yet either, but want to try them. I'm kind of forcing myself to use what I have at the moment though. Wouldn't it be fun to have full access to try anything right at our fingertips? I need to get a job at Michaels test lab!!! haha
    have a super day sweetheart!

  2. I am loving this! And thank you for sharing technique tips! I have a canvas in the wings waiting for me to get on. In my head I wanted white handwriting in blocks, repeated showing through the colour background. And so it has sat on the easel having got no further than the Gesso prep layer!!! And then I saw this and your mention of Brayer. Not knowing what one was I googled and now i know exactly what I need and an idea of how to use it! LOL!

    Thanks Cathy you've made a frustrated beginner very happy! xxx

  3. Wonderful..she is a beauty..great work..bravo! Glad you are enjoying yourself ..have fun!

  4. Hi Cathy, beautiful new work!
    A bit strange for my fees but nice!




  5. She's beautiful...as I knew she would be with a little care and color!! :-)

  6. Oooooo, Cathy, you make me want to get with the program!!! How fun is this - she's beautiful and the background so much fun! Isn't it great painting with a brayer - I almost forgot about it. Love, Silke

  7. right on!!!
    sooo beautiful, cathy!!!

  8. this is wonderful cathy! so nice to see you incorporating more technique and yes, you will love the nicer crayons.
    the brayer is addicting! lol hugs to you!

  9. Cathy, What a great job....love this picture and your words make her zing.....makes me want to take the class too.....

  10. She tugs at my heart Cathy! Everything...the colors, the wording, the background, the girl....everything just comes together so perfectly. Wonderful job on this! Hugs. :)

  11. She's wonderful!! And OMG-run, don't walk to the store (or Dick Blick--cheaper on line then in their store) to get those crayons--the soluble and non-soluble. I love mixing the acrylics with the non soluble--the color is awesome!