Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge . . . Making It A Good Day

The Brooklyn Bridge

At the end of the month I will go see my oncologist for an annual checkup. I used to go every 3 months and then every 6 and at the 5 year mark graduated to annual visits. Although it has been 9 years since my diagnosis I still get super anxious when I have to go see him. I go to Sloan Kettering in NYC so the city that I love is always a bit tainted for me. Each time I go to the doctor my hubby comes with me and we always do something good afterwards while we are in the city.

These photos were taken last November after my annual visit. I had always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It has been on my to do list for many years. So finally I decided that we would go that day. The above shot is my favorite and is listed in my etsy shop as a photo card. I digitally altered all the photos in black and white. It was an overcast day and I just love the feel it gives these shots.

This was a random light post but I thought it looked cool against the bridge cables.

This is another favorite of mine. I had to get a shot of this lamp post on the bridge because of the words "Love Me" written on it! So cool! I also sell it as a photo card in my etsy store.

This one my hubby took while we were on the bridge. I was feeling a huge relief having been done with my doctor visit! I enjoyed every moment on that bridge. At first I was scared walking across it due to the height. But then I thought how silly that was with all I have survived in my life!

Not sure yet what we will do after my upcoming visit but I think it will definitely involve dinner at one of our favorite italian places in the city!

PS . . . Thanks to all of you for the amazing comments on my last post! I am happy to announce that she has a new home! Very excited to have sold her too!


  1. What a beautiful post! A wonderful read..great photos..awesome! you both are sooo cute!

  2. Cathy Well, what about? The photographs are beautiful as always, New York should be beautiful, a visit to the doctor will do just fine!
    Congratulations to you and your husband, you are beautiful :-))
    Excellent choice of restaurant....ahhh Italian!!



  3. Hi Cathy, I recognize this photo from my snooping around in your shop! ^_^ It's one of my favorites too! I didn't know the meaning behind it though. Now I love it even more...Sending you good thoughts for your upcoming doctor's visit. Think good thoughts...and eat good New York food!!! :-)

    P.S. Did you see my blog today?! :-)

  4. Oh how I love that top shot of the Brooklyn Bridge! I think, of all the bridges I have seen photos of, that is my consistent favorite---there is something in it that is just so sturdy and grand at the same time.
    Love all the pics---glad you got to walk the bridge!!!


  5. I love that Brooklyn Bridge. Those photos are just awesome as is the picture of you and your hubby. Very nice. Bobby Flays work place is upstairs and the BB is visible. Especially when he is outside grilling, it just right in back of the building he works in. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely photo's as always Cathy! Sending you lots of positive thoughts for the end of the month.

    Ro xx

  7. Oh I want to go back there and explore. I loved Manhatten and our second in Brooklyn. And that is an excellent way to treat yourself after you do something that you don't like to do but have to. I think I'll start doing that too :)