Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Practicing More Abstract . . .

acrylic on 9x12 canvas paper

I haven't used canvas paper in a while but I ran out of boards. I have a harder time painting on the paper. Its just something about the way the brush moves on paper than I don't like. But this time I used acrylic glazing liquid and fluid acrylics which gave me more time to work with the paint.

I started with a layer of titan buff and then added shades of magenta. I wanted to darken some areas with black and added too much but in the end I liked the result anyway. I tried spraying water in spots and blotting it off as well as using bubble wrap for some texture. I could have done a few more layers but we all know how impatient I am!

I think the colors look better in person. Still tough to get a good picture of some of my work.

Hoping to move on to some complimentary colors but for now am liking the monochrome. That color wheel scares me!


  1. Come on into the water...of color wheel happiness...!! The water's fine! :-) Don't be afraid of color!

  2. Hi Cathy! It is strange but nice! Keep it up!


  3. I love it, Cathy!! I've written so many posts about my frustration of taking pics. Try indirect sunlight at about 2 in the afternoon!

  4. Hi Cathy. Just popped in to say Happy Thanksgiving in case I don't read you before the big turkey day. I like your idea about using the bubble wrap. Very nice/interesting. take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

  5. I know the frustration of pictures not showing the real colors on the computer.....Manon is right about the afternoon sun but sometimes I forget to take the pictures at that time of day....

    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Dream in magenta is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...

  7. oh yes, this is lovvvvvely
    & powerfully invites me
    into a dreaming space.
    thank you, as i step in.