Monday, November 22, 2010

Your Light . . . More Sketching!

Although I have yet to get painting my other girl I did have time to do some sketching. I really like her. She has a different look to her eyes and face than the past few I have done. And I like that! I don't know how it happened but that is the fun part! Not sure which of my angels I will paint first!

Hope all of you had a great weekend! And many thanks as always for your lovely comments on the blue heart I shared in my last post!


  1. I like her Cathy! She almost looks likes she whistling a sweet little tune :)

  2. She is so sweet, Cathy! I love her face and those eyes... gorgeous!! I also really like your monochrome heart in your previous post! Oh, I wish I had time to get into my studio right now, but it'll be a few weeks... Love, Silke

  3. She looks so sweet - beautiful xx

  4. A sweet angel!

    Brava Cathy!

    Ciao,good evening...or morning? mah....

  5. She's looking good Cathy!

    My current lady is somewhat disappointing but I don't know why! Will post her later anyhow! Maybe some-one will be able to suggest what it might be that's 'wrong' or 'missing'.

    Take care

    Ro xxx