Friday, October 22, 2010

Art Journal Frustration Leads To A New Sketch

I am taking Tam's free class Art, Heart, and Healing. It is my first class with her and love her style of teaching. I watched the first video for this week and was all excited to get started. I have never done an art journal before so I was curious.

I gessoed the pages of the journal to prepare it. But I was frustrated that my pages were warped and curling up. I was just too distracted by the warped pages to keep going!

So, instead of giving up I grabbed my sketchbook and graphite pencil. I decided that I still wanted to do the exercise even if I couldn't do the mixed media which I was so looking forward to after I watched Tam's demo. I sat and sketched this girl last nite. ( I have to admit that sometimes I enjoy sketching more than painting.) I finished her up this morning and used my very first stamp to add the hearts around her. I really do like her. I felt good when I finished the sketch. Although I gave up on the art journal I felt some sense of accomplishment with the completion of this sketch. I am finding that when I start something new I have even less patience for the learning curve!

If you haven't signed up already head over to Tam's site and join us! She is just lovely!

For those of you who art journal, any suggestions for my page warping problem?


  1. I love your sketch Cathy. It will make for a lovely journal page. Hang in there with the mixed media addition. I find myself to be the opposite. I can incorporate the mixed-media with no problem but the sketching is my challenge. You handle it beautifully and can tell you love it.

  2. I've had the same problem with page warping unless you have very heavy watercolor paper. Sometimes (and I do mean SOME TIMES, certainly not always) getting gesso on the back will help and then keeping waxed paper between pages, pressing with a heavy weight. It all depends on the paper in the sketchbook/journal.
    You might see if you have a friend with small leftovers of papers to try this on, and maybe make your own journal when you find a paper you like!
    Just keep some point, you'll be ready for gesso-work!


  3. hi cathy,

    she is beautiful! i used a moleskine when i was journaling it it barely curled at all. the only problem is the pages were too small for me.if you like bigger, than i suggest getting that mixed media perforated book i told you about from cannon??? you can use any size and then if you really like something, you can pull it out and put it on canvas or frame. those pages will not curl!
    good luck. i may have to join in, though i really don't have an extra minute to spare!

  4. I think this is one of my favorite of your sketches so far!! She looks so happy and you were at the start of the class! ;-) You're growing so fast!!!

  5. Hi there, I think she is gorgeous!!!! You have such a unique style really really pretty!!!

    If i paint in a journal I use acrylic paint and try not to have the brush too wet. Then when it's dry just shut the book put something heavy on top and leave it for a bit, it should flatten out ok. What paints were you using?

    I think if the paint is too watery that causes alot of warpedness (is that even a word? ;0) )

    Hope that helps :0)

    Oh and I loved the words too!!

  6. I don't really journal all that much, but I know to try to use as little water as possible--the gesso does help to support it. The purple banded moleskine is nice and sturdy but not really big, but it's great to play around in. Actually, I think if you don't want curling, you could use the cold press 140lb watercolor paper pad from Strathmore (sp?) I love the way acrylics go on it with no curling at all.

  7. Cathy, your sketch is lovely and so is the message!
    I use a glue stick and glue 2 pages together. Mine warps a little too but I've learned to let it not bother me because when it's dry, and when the book is closed, it straightens out. And it IS just a journal....nothing I will ever sell or make prints from. It's just for me and to play with.
    I like a gesso undercoat as well, I think the crayons mixed with water and thinned out white flow so nicely. So far I've been doing it without gesso like Tam does in the video but I think my next one will have the sketch, etc over gesso again to see how it compares.
    They do have watercolor journal books and I'd like to get one of those myself. Maybe today as I'm off to MICHAELS :)

    Thanks for stopping by and for your compliments!

    Oh!! And if you look at some people's art journal videos on youtube, you'll see thick, bent, wonderfully chubby books filled with color and creativity. The pages aren't perfect but they are AMAZING!! Hang in there, keep playing♥ That's what it's all about :)


  8. I love your sketch and I just love my pages buckling and warping. I think it just says my journal is being used and loved. I love the look of those bulging journals....just me I guess. I did my portrait in a moleskin type journal and just love the way it came out. It's still on my blog because I haven't finished the background. I will post it as soon as I am done.

  9. i'm opening, i'm opening,
    & being, beside you!
    (pretty face!). xox