Friday, January 4, 2013

Lost In Love . . .

So the new year has begun and I am having trouble shaking off the difficulties of last year.  I know I need to just move on, start anew but my anxiety is high these days.  I am not sure why.  

The only thing that keeps me focused and calms me down is creating.  I am not sure what I did without it in my life.  I need to get lost in something.  I need to create something from nothing, I need color, grunge, love.  

Yesterday I bought one of those olloclip lenses for my iPhone.  I love macro shots and this little lens clips on your iphone and allows you do shoot macro as well as wide-angle, and fishbowl.  The above image is a macro shot of a very small pendant I wear.  I used snapseed for the altering affects.  

What I loved most about it was getting lost for over an hour in the world of digital art.  

I loved getting lost in love . . . 



  1. Sending love and peace to you. We can all use that.

  2. Keep creating...stop thinking. Continue to get lost in art, in creating and in will never let you down!! xoxo

  3. Love the photo~~you have such a strong eye for finding just the *right* amount through the lens!
    Keep busy with creating; it lets the mind wander peacefully and keeps other things at bay.


  4. I am so with you these days, Cathy! Anxiety is high - not sure why! It might be the time of year or the weather. But, like you, when I create, it all calms down for a while.

    That is one gorgeous photo!!

    Hope you are recovered from the flu!! Love, Silke

  5. Hello Sweet Cathy! Thank You For Your Comforting Words Regarding My Sweet Man. I've Been Totally Out Of It Since He's Been Hospitalized. Gosh, While I Was Here, I Took A Peek At All IYour Recent Work..Some Truly Wonderful Pieces Cathy! Please Know How Much It Meant To Hear From You. Sending You Much Love & Sunshine, Terri