Monday, January 7, 2013

Beauty Is Everywhere . . .

While out shopping at a local store the other day I was stopped in my tracks at the amazing sunset happening before me.  We had just stepped out into the parking lot and as we headed to the car I glanced up and saw oranges, purples, and pinks in the sky. 

Rarely do I take advantage of these moments.  But this time I grabbed my iPhone (one of the perks is the camera you always have with you)  and snapped away.  The colors change so very fast that if you pause, you could miss it.  Funny how I can't even tell this was shot in a store parking lot.  

I am glad I stopped for a moment to soak it in.

Wishing you moments of beauty today . . . 


  1. Beautiful!!!! :-] I love catching a moment, in picture or in phrase!

  2. Stunning Cathy. You're so right -- we often take things of beauty for granted and just carry on. I'm glad you stopped and managed to capture this.