Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't Forget To Look Up . . .

You never know what you may find when you happen to glance up to the sky.  I stopped at the walk trail this afternoon not expecting much.  Just wanted to stretch my legs and get some much needed fresh air on this mild NY winter day.  Mild for us is like 45.  

I always have my iphone with me and instead of quickly walking along, I was scanning around for interesting images. I was trying to take the time to stop and look.  Surprisingly there were many cool things I found within a short distance.  And then  I happened to look up.  And there were all these tree tops joining together almost like an umbrella.  When I pointed the lens upward it was like a whole new world.  

It was a moment.  And want more of those . . . 



  1. Even though these trees are bare, they're still beautiful because they're still alive. I do look up every now and then, especially on a full moon. :)

  2. Love this one~~the layers on top really accentuate the photo.
    Would be beautiful printed out on a vellum or other sheer type of paper.....