Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rocky vs The Snow

Lou shot this video last week.  It was Rocky's first romp in the snow.  This pug is fearless.  I mean more fearless than my Bosco.  Bosco was more like me, an old soul who lived a bit carefully.  This little guy is just here for the ride, the fun, and fears nothing!!  lol  Lou says he is like a jeep.  And in typical guy fashion Lou wrestles him to the ground when they play and Rocky's loves it.  Me not so much.  

There is so much we can learn from animals.  As I watch Rocky (like I used to watch Bosco) I am reminded that I need to just be in the moment.  Whether it is laying in the sun, romping in the snow or taking a nap.  It is all good. 

I want to live more like a dog


  1. Oh, that is TOO CUTE! He's just having a blast out there, and yes, we need to be more *in the moment* and enjoy whatever the little things are!
    Love seeing a dog going thru the snow~~"Oh this is the BEST!" is always written all over their faces!


  2. I love your description of Rocky...and that Lou calls him a "jeep"!! You're so right -- we can learn so much from our animals (and our children). There is a desire to just be and explore and enjoy ... we forget to be like that as we "grow up"...we need more of that playful nature in our everyday lives! xo

  3. How fun. All I have to say is that there is nothing like the love of a dog-family pet member. It gives our lives so much happiness.

  4. Very cute, Cathy. Kobi absolutely love the snow too. He seems to get invigorated by the cold. I want to BE a dog! Then I could eat, sleep, walk, and play all day. ;->

  5. I wish I loved the snow half as much!! ^_^

  6. Oh, I often wish I could live more like a dog or a cat, specifically my dog or my cat! That's the happiest life ever. But oh, so short...