Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brownies Fix Everything

Last night Lou made us brownie sundae's.  I am a chocoholic.  There, I said it!  lol  It is my go to food when I am stressed, sad, or anxious. (which is most of the time lately) My second is ice cream, preferably chocolate of course.  The combination of the two is just shy of perfection!

Despite the fact that this was made from a box mix it is the best I have found.  Lou is allergic to certain types of chocolate.  In most box mixes they use cocoa processed with alkali, this mix is the only one I have found that has unprocessed cocoa.  The brand is  "Dr. Oetker".  The best brownies ever!!  I found it in the health food store.  It is a brand that does not use chemical processing.  I do not go crazy when it comes to that but it is another good plus with this brand.  

Lou puts the mix in a muffin tin instead of a brownie pan that the recipe calls for.   Its makes 12 small brownies their own little muffin cups!  We used Breyers vanilla as it is our favorite and a little caramel sauce to top it off.  

Super yummy!!  We may just have make more tonite!
 Brownie's just make you feel better don't they??  lol

Hope you are enjoying some sweet treats this weekend as well!



  1. Oh Yeahhhh! ^_^ I didn't have brownies...*snaps finger loudly*...but I did get a gift of a half of a homemade chocolate cake today! YUMMMMMM!!!! :-) 'That'...and a few M&Ms with almonds.....S-C-O-R-E!!! LOL

  2. Almost everything, let's say.
    But they do help indeed!
    Cute post

  3. WOW...that looks delicious! I've never heard of that brand but I will be looking
    for it. I am a chocolate lover too!

  4. Yum! Those brownines do look delish. Hope they helped some. Remember that being stressed out, etc., brings about low resistance. Take care of yourself.

  5. Yep, my weakness is chocolate too! and brownies are a favorite. Super yummy this looks, Cathy. Sorry your are stressed most of the time lately. I can relate. Hopefully, when I get work, that will go away ... or at least change to something less constant. Love the way you captured the image on a tilt ... is there a statement in there somewhere? Happy Monday to you. ;->

  6. Me, too!

  7. Me, too!