Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stretching to Sketch Challenge Week 7

Here is my sketch for this weeks challenge hosted by Kelly over at Kelly Berkey Designs. I have to admit I cringed a little when I saw the pose for this week. (Check out the original photo here) But as always I panic first and then when I start sketching I calm down and get lost in it. I often wonder how my hand is getting the image onto paper!

Each week I have worked through my initial frustration and the case of the uglies that sketch will go through in the beginning. I am glad I didn't give up on any even though I have made some adaptations to them along the way. This week I changed the pose of her hand.

Be sure to head over to Kelly's blog and have a look at all of the artwork for this week!


  1. Hi Cathy...wonderful..Yay..I think it looks fabulous; great work!

  2. I like how you take on these challenges--you don't talk yourself out of them--you just do them--I love that, and in the meantime, you're learning!! This is great--a very hard pose to accomplish.

  3. You're a good student Cathy! Way to hang in there! Keep up the good work. She looks fabulous!

  4. Hi Cathy, is a nice study, very difficult, but I'd say you came out very, very good!

    Good evening


  5. hi cathy, you did a great job! very artistic of you to just make changes rather than fighting it! i've got that 'come hither' look about me!! xoxo

  6. I agree with Diane! You tackle these challenges and rock them out! Great job Cathy!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi Cathy! You are doing a wonderful job with the learning procress! Your sketch turned out fabulous! Keep up the great work! Thanks so much for your super sweet visit! I had a blast creating my goth girlie. Have a lovely weekend! :)