Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Giveaway Winner!!!

I want to thank everyone once again for entering my giveaway! It was exciting for me and fun too!

I picked the winner the old fashioned way . . . I put all the names in a hat (actually it was a bowl!) and the winner is . . .


Congrats Leila on being the winner of my first giveaway! Please email me your address and I will get those 2 prints out to you!

In other news . . . I have just about finished my new Kelly sketch! Stay tuned! I will be posting it soon!


  1. I missed your giveaway! Oh, no!!! Well, I've just been catching up with your latest paintings and they are wonderful!! I love that fall landscape painting and also your latest Kelly sketch. You are so good at that!! I am kind of afraid to even start sketching... And then your girl with the birds (I thought they were bats, too...) - she is great! I love the layering and the texture. And, yes, I get very impatient when it comes to layering. I'm glad I work in acrylics as they dry so nice and fast... Much love, Silke

  2. Congrats to the winner. I hopefully will have my new Kelly sketch finished before the day is through.

  3. Congrats the to the winner..hooray!

  4. Thank you thank you! I'm so excited to get your prints, can't wait to hang them on my wall. :-)

  5. Congrats to Leila! Have a great Wednesday Cathy.

  6. Congratulations Leila!!! Enjoy your treasures!!...And Cathy, I look forward to seeing your new Kelly sketch!