Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun With Layering . . . A New Face

mixed media on 11x14 wrapped canvas

Yesterday I found an unfinished painting of a winter scene done in black and white. I stopped and left it out of frustration because I didn't like where it was going. So I picked it up and decided I would paint one of my face sketches over it.

I took my folk art italian sage and squirted some right onto the canvas spreading it around to cover all the black. And then I grabbed a paper towel to blot around and remove some. I was excited when I saw the design I had created with a little of the black paint showing through. Once that dried I put my sketch on the canvas. I had some trouble as I am used to the hard canvas board especially doing the face. When my girl was done I took out the paper towel with white paint and started pressing it into the canvas. Lastly I used my fan brush to add some black birds, which my hubby thought were bats, ( I wasn't going for bats but I still like the effect they give the piece) and was really pleased with the end result.

This is the first time I have done any layering with paint. I really have no patience for it! I think because I had the old painting it just lead me into layering this piece. I don't like to wait for the paint to dry between layers so I just don't do it. How silly is that?!

Anyone else impatient when it comes to layering?


  1. HI Cathy!What a beauty...I love her spirit..she is adorable! yes..i just paint paint paint..can't help myself..i know what you mean!
    Have a happy day...and she turned out wonderfully!

  2. Beautiful painting. I am with you on not liking to wait for paint to dry. Can't do oils for that reason.

  3. I'm always impatient when it comes to layering....but not layering with paint. I hate layering on clothes in the Massachusetts' winters!!! So frustrating! But I know that's not what you're talking about! And since I know nothing about painting...Moving on!!! ^_^

  4. sweet cathy! i use a blowdryer with my acrylics for that reason!

    i like seeing you layer more...i think i'm going to play in my acrylics for a while today. i need to finish something to feel a sense of accomplishment!
    hope you are having a wonderful weekend my friend! you should see what darla did with this weeks sketch challenge! oh my!

  5. Love this painting! Was really interesting to hear the process, I'm impatient too but sometimes waiting a little bit is really worth while, have you tried painting onto a black canvas, it really makes you think about things differently, would love to see you do more of this layering! Her face is beautiful too, she reminds me of an angel!

    Your last painting of the trees is beautiful too, and shows quite a different side to your art, loved the movement and colours, really beautiful piece!

  6. She is lovely! Isn't it like meeting a new friend when you paint a new face? Your painting of the trees is amazing, too!

  7. Cathy, she is so cute! I like what Marilyn said, 'it's like meeting a new friend when you paint a new face'. That's so true!

    I LOVE layering but I have a blow dryer right there with me. I'm so impatient too. I also have paper towels, bubble wrap and just about anything to move it right along :) haha
    Hope you're having a nice weekend and thanks for stopping to visit me and leaving such nice encouragement!!♥

  8. Yup! Me too. VERY IMPATIENT! But I have been looking at some on-line tutorials yesterday about layering and I am determined to give it a go. I figured I could do another little project while the paint dries to prevent me from getting impatient! A friend of mine has been a big inspiration lately, she has done some fantastic stuff, check out hers, I think you'd like them too!

    Love yours too!

    Ro xx