Monday, October 25, 2010

More Images Of Fall . . .

This weekend we had beautiful weather once again so I took my pug out for a walk and brought my camera. It was a little tricky getting good shots with my pug in tow. He is always on the move and doesn't like to make any stops along the way! I wanted to share these pretty fall images today.
This shot above is someone's backyard who lives along the walk trail. Everytime I walk by especially when the sun is in just the right spot it looks so beautiful with the reflection of the sun on the ground through the trees.
I really like the misty look in this photo from the sun. I am loving all the oranges and yellows I see this year. I will miss the leaves when they have fallen away.

Hope each of you had a great weekend! I am hoping to have a very creative week! I still need to start on my Kelly sketch for this weeks challenge. Better get going on that!


  1. Oh my...these are just so lovely and gorgeous..yes such aweseom colors....thanks for this refreshing adventure in nature...sooo super beautiful!! yay!

    PS: and thanks for the awesome visits and beautiful words you share !

  2. There's nothing like Mother Nature's bouquet! You've captured the season beautifully with your photos - thank you.

  3. Your Fall foliage is beautiful!! I shared some on my blog today too! I think you're right about when all of the leaves are gone. :-/ ... I look forward to seeing your new sketch too, by the way! :-)

  4. Nice post Cathy, the colors are magnificent, and your area is worth a visit.
    Good evening!


  5. Aw Cathy you've done it again! Lovely shots, I really like the colors in the first photo! How's your Kelly challenge going this week? I checked in to your website and had a sneak read of your book. Off to order on Amazon later!

    Ro xxxx

  6. beautiful cathy, now get on your kelly sketch! lol. i'm playing blog catchup tonight. so fun to see what everyone's been working on.

    xoxo to you my friend!

  7. Beautiful photos - I just love Fall (even though Winter isn't far behind)!

    I look forward to seeing your Kelly sketch :)

  8. Beautiful fall colors...hope you finished your sketch!