Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lights of Downtown Newport . . .

I am excited that you are all loving these night shots! This photo was taken the same night I took the bridge photo. It is a view of downtown Newport. There is a nice park nestled along the ocean shore where I took both photos. The tallest building you see is a church. It is so very beautiful. I have many pictures of it.

It looks like a postcard scene to me. Although I have this same shot during the daytime it looks much more powerful at night. I love the reflection of the lights in this one too!

Yesterday I did some painting. Its a new landscape inspired by the beautiful fall weather we had here in NY. I will be sharing it soon!

Hope you had a lovely creative weekend!


  1. Yep, it is postcard-perfect.
    I always love the way the nighttime and lights turn a scene into something completely different and very magical. Never the same in the light of day!
    great shot again!


  2. this is just sublime! i hardly ever do any photography at night but now you've inspired me!!

  3. Nightlights are always so pretty. I can't wait to see your fall painting too!!

  4. I am loving these shots! They're just so cool! x

  5. Yes it does look like a postcard. Maybe you should consider selling them as postcards? I like your dark shots and you seem to be getting better at it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  6. beautiful cathy. i always think ny is so dangerous at night and so full of people, lol. this looks safe a serene! my sister went on a trip there a couple of months ago and loved it. i'd love to stroll in central park in the evening!

  7. Love your night life photos. They certainly could be postcards.

  8. Wow Cathy..I'm absoulutely loving these night shots! This one is my favorite so far!

  9. Cathy, these are beautiful shots you are sharing with us.....

  10. So Beautiful Cathy! Hope you are doing well! Thanks for sharing with us all! Picture perfect!

  11. Hi Cathy! I agree, fantastic, post card perfect! I'm off to Thunder Bay tomorrow for a couple of days so have packed my camera, tripod and trusty Scott Kelby 'how to' book! No idea what's in Thunder Bay but I'm hopeful LOL!

    Ro xxx

  12. I agree! Postcard material for sure Cathy!!
    To answer your question over at my place :)
    I put molding paste on, then painted the background and then stamped the writing on top.
    I used Susan Scheewe angular foliage brush. I got it at Michaels years ago when I took a couple of classes from Ros Stallcup. It works very nicely to pounce in foliage :)
    Have a great day!! Thanks again ♥