Friday, August 6, 2010

View From The Hill . . . A Landscape

One of our favorite places to visit is Newport, Rhode Island. I have always been drawn to the ocean. Actually to any water really. It is very healing for me to hear the sounds of the waves crashing and breathe in the salty air. There is a B&B there right along the ocean where we love to stay when we head up there. I took this picture last fall. We were heading down the hill from the main house where we had just eaten a wonderful breakfast. I love how the trees line the path.

This year when I started painting I thought of this photo and how it would make a good landscape painting. I gave it a try with the help of my instructor in a workshop I took back in March.

Here it is on a 16x20 stretched canvas in acrylic . . .

Each time I look at this painting I think of that hill at one of our favorite places . . .


  1. Awww! Just add a bench next to the "Real" path and somebody would have to come and get me because I'd never leave!! It reminds me of childhood pathways that I've run through...And your painting is pretty too. :-)

  2. Thanks! I like your bench idea! ;)

  3. Super gorgeous..very serene and yet magical!The lighting is very atmospheric and soft! Love it! Such beauty!

  4. You are sooooo good!! I am totally speechless - I don't think I could paint a landscape if I tried. What a gorgeous painting! Hugs, Silke

  5. Thanks so much Silke!

    Funny that I have an easier time painting landscapes and am more intimidated by painting faces! :) I think it is because I can make more mistakes with landscape and need more precision with faces....


  6. Well, I am actually quite envious of the artistic talent of both you and Silke. If I were ever to attempt painting, however, I would probably start with landscapes --- faces intimidate me!

    I absolutely love your interpretation of the setting. It is almost as if the one tree is leaning over to tell the other a secret - and the fork in the middle of road makes me wonder which path I might choose, and where it might lead me.

  7. I don't why is it, the pictures you have taken and some of your paintings, they mean too much to be items of merchandise. Personally, what price can you put on nature, your creativity, and your feelings!!!!

    One has to be pretty heartless to overlook this beauty...and you are not one of those unfortunate people.