Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free To Be . . . Mixed Media Painting

So here she is .... my second face painting! And I really like her! I like her more than the first one I posted the other day! I worked on it last nite. I am still not sure about collage elements because I overanalyze way too much but I like how the butterflies look. I used molding paste again on an 8x10 canvas board and 3 colors of paint for the background, 2 of them metallic. I also used colored pencils for some of the shading and details. I originally had her shirt yellow and then changed it as I thought it needed to pop more. As you can see I was going for some wavy hair and I hope I pulled it off!

Taking the photo was tricky because of the metallic background. I hope you can see the colors of the background. When you take photos of your art to share do you use a camera or scanner?

I notice that each time I finish a painting I fear that I won't be able to do another one as good. Is that silly or what?!


  1. Another beauty!! I love her wavy hair...Yes, you can see it! And the butterflies were a great touch!!

  2. Yay..awesome...I Love her!!! Her expression is wonderfully charming..her eyes shining..i adore the butterfly in the backdrop. and necklace...it feels like a butterfly kind of day! she is such a beauty..

    I so know what you mean about taking photos of art..we are on the same wavelength today..i wish to learn how to properly photograph art and just mentioned that!

    You will paint many more beautiful ones..no worries! each painting leads you to more beauty and magic!
    Happy Creating..thankyou for sharing your magic!

  3. She is beautiful, Cathy! Wonderful!! I love her butterflies and her pretty necklace! You are on a roll!!!

    I totally understand that feeling that that was you last painting and now nothing more - I have that every time I finish a painting. What if this was it?! But then you sit at the next canvas and it flows again...

    Have a most wonderful day!! Love, Silke

  4. Hi Cathy!
    Oh, I love this one. Her eyes especially are so beautiful. Wonderful work! Hugs, Diane

  5. Oh Cathy, I go away for a week, and look what I come back to--beautiful!!