Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Pastel Butterfly

I wish I still had a picture of it. Actually I wish I had kept it. I was in fourth grade. We had to draw a picture in pastels. I drew a butterfly. It certainly was not perfect but I remember using a different color for each of the sections of the wing and the body was yellow. It was pretty and bright. To my surprise I won first place in the art contest with it that year. The only award I ever won for art.

I remember loving art when I was a child. I was always doodling something, making my name in bubble letters on my notebooks, and even though I could barely draw stick people that didn't matter. I had fun. And then life got in the way. A crazy childhood, my parents divorce, becoming a widow at 25 and then breast cancer at 31. I went to college for a degree in occupational therapy and worked for almost 20 years in that field. Then I started writing. And most recently back in February of this year I picked up a paintbrush for the first time. And I haven't put it down since.

My life after cancer has been tough at times but what I have found is how much creativity helps me deal with stuff that comes with that. It helps me deal with the fear I live with. It gets me to a nice place in my head and quiets my mind. I get lost in those moments with my camera or with my paintbrush. And although I am just beginning I am enjoying the process. I am having fun learning the how to's and seeing all that I am capable of which is more than I ever imagined.

So I have decided to write all about it here. This is my art journal. I will be sharing my photography, my art, and all things creative that I am working on. And I look forward to meeting and getting to know you along the way!

When did you know you loved art? Do you remember your first art project? Were you hooked from that point?


  1. Yeah!!! I am so glad you left me a comment - this way I get to be your first follower on your new blog!! Congratulations on starting to paint. It'll bring you so much joy - just wait and see. I am naturally prone to worry and be anxious, but when I paint, time stops and worries melt away. It's such a magical and healing process. I cannot wait to see all that you create!! Much love, Silke

  2. Hi Cathy, I want to thank you for following my blog, and now I'll follow yours as you start on your journey. And, yes, art has a way of helping us through the hard times in our lives. I'm looking forward to your future posts, and just wait and see all that you discover with all of these amazing artists in blogland! Diane

  3. I followed Silke's post to your wonderful new adventure! I am in awe at your life journey so far - and I look forward to following your art journal.

    I never won a single art contest :) --- but I am trying to discover that inner child once again. I am experimenting with photography and writing and hope to find a happy balance in my crazy world.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  4. Hi Cathy. I come via Silke's post about your new blog. Good luck, have fun, and just enjoy. I'll follow you too. Have a great Wednesday.

  5. Hi Cathy...I look forward to following your journey. Silke sent us lasses over here to say hello...and I must say, you've captured me!
    HUGS...please come and say hello when you have the chance.

  6. It must be my lucky day because i found both you and Silke today!

    Looking forward to reading more about you and your creative journey!

  7. Oooo...found you through Silke!
    I have always loved art and creating; I honestly cannot remember a time I didn't, though lately I have done little.
    Ah well, Fall approaches!


  8. Beautiful blog..very inspiring...gorgeous work..and it is very lovely meet you..I found you through Silke..isn't she wonderful for spotlighting art blogs!!
    Happy Creating

  9. Wonderful blog. I have always loved art. Even as a child I was always creating. Now i do more crafting than actual art, but I love it just as much.

    It's so nice to "meet" you. I'm looking forward to following your journey.


  10. i'm visiting here via silke. welcome to blogging! i've always been crafty and a bit artsy. my mom always wonders where i got it from since no one else in my family as at all creative. i'm just blessed.

  11. Beautiful!! Nice to meet you and hope to see more of your wonderful talent!

  12. Hello Cathy, I'm so happy to be here for the beginning of your blog journey! I am a poet and a crocheter. I love both creative outlets very much. I have been writing poems since High School, and crocheting and knitting since I was about 10. I can't wait to see your photos and your artwork unfold! Welcome to Blog World!! :-)

  13. Hi everyone!! Thank you all so very much!! I look forward to getting to know each of you here in blogland! And learning from you as you continue on your own journeys!! I will stop by and visit all of you soon! xo

  14. Wonderful!! You are on your way!!! xoxox

    and how wonderful...my word verification was "flart" -- very karmic!!! :)