Saturday, August 14, 2010

Angels and Love . . .

It is amazing what you can find amongst the everyday items laying around the house that would make good composition for a photo. I took this photo last winter. It is an angel statue my friend gave me when my father passed away 2 years ago which I set between votive candle holders. It is set on the shelf of our tall standing lamp with the light shining on it. I took this in color but digitally altered it in sepia (my favorite tone for many photos!) because I loved the antique feel it elicits.

I also used this picture for handmade Christmas cards I sent out last year. The sentiment it exudes just felt right for the holidays. I will be listing it in my Etsy shop. It is one of my favs!

Hope you are all having a great Saturday!


  1. beautiful to create charm and bring certain pieces together...wonderful..and magical!

  2. So peaceful to look at and admire....

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  3. I think it's a very peaceful setting and definitely must have been a beautiful card. Thx for sharing, have a great Sunday.

  4. This is perfect in every way!

  5. Hi Cathy,
    The photo came out great in sepia. I, too, love sepia and black & white pics. They evoke some nostalgia. I also think it was a great idea to use this pic as your Christmas cards.
    Just lovely!