Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet Bosco . . . My Photogenic Pug!

First of all I want to thank all of you for the wonderful comments and warm welcome you have given me to the creative blog community! It is so exciting for me to have met so many of you on my very first blog day! I can feel the love already! I had been thinking about starting this blog for a while now and although I was nervous it really helped to have been welcomed right from the start!

Today I wanted to introduce all of you to my little man who you will most likely see quite a few times on this blog! He is my 6 year old pug Bosco. I never had a pet growing up. Every birthday wish as a child for as long as I can remember was to have a puppy. My parents told me it was too much work. And then I had gone through so much during my twenties and thirties that I couldn't imagine having to take care of anyone else but myself. It was all I could handle.

When I met my husband Lou during my chemo treatments 8 years ago I shared with him how I always wanted a dog. He had a couple of big dogs during his life and loved the bond that he shared with them. We married a year later and for our second Christmas together he wanted to get me a dog. I had always loved pugs. Mostly because they are so darn cute. I never imagined how important he would become to me and how much I would come to depend on him. I am so in love with this little boy!

He is the subject of my photography quite often! Here are a few more favorite shots of him. . .

When did you get your first pet? What was it? Do you snap alot of pictures of your pet?


  1. Oh, he is sooooo cute!! We often think that if we get another dog, it might have to be a pug. They are just so sweet. We always had pets growing up - dogs, rabbits, birds and even a lizard, but I never had a cat until I was in my 20's. Your Bosco is wonderful!! And such a handsome and photogenic boy... Love, Silke

  2. Thanks Silke!! Yes, pugs are so darn sweet! Not an aggressive bone in his body. He loves everybody! So much so that if he ever got out of the house alone he would just keep on walkin! lol

    I just love to photograph him. Mostly my photography is of nature but when he is just laying in the sun I cannot resist grabbing a shot!

    And because he is so cute I spoil him rotten! :)

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. OMG!!!! He is a doll! I don't have a dog (2 parakeets that keep me *quite busy*) but love pugs and french bulldogs. They always look like they are up to something!
    What a face!
    Pets I've had?
    Dog, canary, turtles, rabbit.....oh that rabbit was spoiled. It would eat the Christmas tree, bubble gum, the fringe off the was not like it wasn't well fed! LOL!!!


  4. Hi Anne! Thanks!

    Yes, they always look that way! They also have such people like expressions as if they should be saying something!

    Wow, you have had quite the animal experience!


  5. What a sweetheart..a special friend to have alongside life's journey..beautiful!! thans for sharing your sweet friend!

  6. Bosco defintely is photogenic. Is that the right word? He is so lovable. I've been seeing a lot of pugs lately and I'm almost tempted, but I have two family pet members right now and yes they are spoiled rotten. Tee Hee. Love your Bosco already. Have a great rest of the week. Take care. Look forward to reading you.

  7. Hi Bosco!...My sister-in-law has a little 'Bosco' too. He is just adorable!!! I had dogs for all my growing up years, but it's been just me and hubby for the last 32 years together (28 married), except for a goldfish, a kitty for a little bit, and a baby sharkfish {Or at least that's what I called him when the pet store owner gave him to us to keep our goldfish company...Long, sad story. :-( I'll have to blog about it sometime.) Your blog is off to a great start! Love it! :-)

  8. Kiki . . . Thanks! Yes, a very special friend!

    Gloria . . . I see alot of them around too! Enjoy your week!

    Erika . . . Thanks! And he sooo knows it too! :)

    PoetessWug . . . Thanks! I am having fun blogging already!

  9. I too always wanted a dog and my parents said it was too much work. When I was diagnosed with cancer I thought "I'm okay with dying at 27, I've lived a full life." Then I revised that thought because I realized I'd regret dying never having owned a dog. I mine after my first treatment. A seven year old gentleman from the pound. Such a love.

  10. Kairol!! I am so excited you are here! :)

    Since I got my dog after my cancer experience I thought how much I would have loved to have had him during that time. It must have been very healing. . .

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