Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcoming The Unexpected . . .

I almost didn't post this one. I painted her yesterday and I have to say I was unsure through the whole process. It is so different than my last one. And that bothered me. I don't know why. Sometimes I try to hard to have an image in my mind of how I want it to turn out and it never does. Maybe its because she seems darker to me. But that should be ok. This is my first stab at long hair. I also started a heart necklace and am unsure of whether to keep it or not. No title yet. I am waiting for her to tell me!

I am sure I am thinking too much . . . that is what I often do. When I finally stepped away and went back to look at her from a distance I saw how good she came out. I like the colors even though they are a little dark. Have any of you felt this way where you were not sure where a painting was going and wondered about the results? Maybe this is what happens in the process to find my style. I wonder if she is a mirror of my emotions or just her own being . . .


  1. She is a beuaty!! I love her..and i of course love long hair( wonder why ha ha). I think it is wonderful to allow the painting to beocme what it wishes to be...and sometimes we can interfere with it's true essence! Sometimes I paint things as well that " are not me"..but that is the magic of art..sometimes we realize it is about ' the art" and not us..when we step out of the way..that true spirit comes forward...and they will bring new gifts and new energy..and yes she may be helping you find your style or a new series you are to paint!

    I love her..even if you feel she is too dark or not your style..feel excited that you allowed her essence to shout is an amazing process! there is a reason she came through.. maybe for you to embrace her and accept her just as she is..!

    I think she is rather joyful and feel like she has a young spirit to her and exuberant personaltiy waiting to share a secret she is bursting to tell!

    true..we all see with a different mirror dont we..that is the magic of art!! I love her..and am so glad you brought her through! yay!
    Thans for sharing her Cathy!! I love meeting new souls!!

  2. I don't paint, but just the other day I started a scarf and didn't like where it was going. Good thing you didn't do what I did...took it all completely a loose! I haven't restarted it yet!!...BTW, I LIKE her!!!

  3. Hi Cathy! She is great! And I love that you are painting and letting it take you to where it needs to go, rather than you controlling it. You will find your style this way. I'm still there and amazed at what I think I want my painting to look like verses how it ends up coming out! It's a surprise that way and the process is scary but in the end so gratifying!
    I'm so jealous at how many paintings you are able to do! I am working on color theory right now so don't think I get to paint a mermaid until next week! Have a lovely weekend!!

  4. OMG, Cathy! Please don't doubt your creation. She spoke to you in the first place, right? you said that she seems darker to you. In what sense? she seems very light, a happy face. You may tweak something but not entirely. It's good to distance yourself and then come back to it. I know this as a writer (as a creator myself, I have to distance myself from my characters and my story)but that doesn't mean I obliterate the entire story. I have a friend in NY who's a painter. He tells me when he has that urge, he paints and paints until he's finished. He tweaks a bit but he stays true to his initial inspiration. Does that help?

  5. hi cathy...thanks for the visit to my blog...sorry it.s taken me a bit to finally visit yours. it.s lovely and honest and real and i LOVE that.
    i am adding my self right on to your followers.
    i wanted to share something that kelly rae roberts once shared with me when i was at an art retreat with her....
    i have tried to keep that in the back of my mind as i am just returning to my creative journey in the past few years as well.
    i think your girl is wonderful. long hair is hard. bravo for posting her...that can be SOOO scary for me.
    i, for ONE, loooooove the heart necklace.
    love it.
    happy day.

  6. Cathy, that's your soul on canvas so it has to be great. I love it. I love the browns of it. I am a fan of the color brown. Although it's not my favorite color, it is right up there with lime green that I love. She looks as if she is ready to say something.....Let me think....

    "Now just a minute!"

    That's what she's saying.:)) Tee Hee Have a great weekend.

  7. hi cathy!!!

    i love your sweet girl with the heart necklace and the pretty brown hair!! and i, too, was at that particular art retreat that my dear friend Chrissy spoke of in her comment.

    Kelly Rae's advice was so helpful to all of us as we were in her class working on paintings, not knowing what the end result would be...but pushing through nonetheless. i believe it is just healthy and good to create! to put out there on canvas or paper or whatever your medium may be....what is on your heart.

    bravo to you!!


  8. I won't write too much. This painting looks like, it is about to come to life...and then say something that can only be meaningful. Focus on what you do, and reassurances from others will help along the way.