Thursday, August 12, 2010

Landscape On a Red Canvas . . .

This is acrylic on 9x12 140lb canvas paper. I started with a red cadmium light to be exact. I learned through a workshop I took recently that when you are painting landscape that has alot of green using a red canvas can give richness to the green as well as the other colors.

I really love how this came out. It is my first landscape on a red canvas. I think that all of the colors are more richer and look better with the red showing through them. And of course the key is to allow the red to show through. Sometimes when I paint I loose myself in what I am doing and forget about that! And with acrylic I need to be more aware because of the quick drying time so I don't loose the red!

Do you find that your background colors enhance the colors of your painting?


  1. Cathy!! this is oh so gorgeous..wonderfully have created such a unique it..great energy coming from it too! there is a sheen of luminosty that draws me in..!

    Yes I LOVE using the backdrop as a way to highlight or enhance the piece..and red is so awesome for that! it gives it an electric feel to the surface! I have found many pleasant surprises experimenting in this way..and it is such fun!

    Wonderful post..and great conversation..i would love to chat about it all day..exciting stuff! Thanks for your inspiring post!

  2. WOW...had no idea a red background could make such a just brings the colors alive.....Great job...

  3. Hi Cathy. I think it is a great landscape. Red cadmium, wow. I think the colors are just awesome. I want to be there sitting and just thinking. Great job for a first time landscape. I can't draw/paint landscapes, the lay of the land I just can't get it. I did one painting and it's hidden somewhere in the studio. Tee hee. Have a great Friday.

  4. I just love the red coming through! Beautiful and will have to try that someday. Thanks so much for visiting me♥