Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scribbles and Bandages . . .

As I write this post I am hoping that all of you are having a better weekend than I am.  Most of you know already about my arm cyst debacle and that I had surgery 4 weeks ago.  I had my stitches removed 2 weeks ago and yesterday I ended up at the doctors office for an emergency visit. I am so thankful that she was home for the holiday weekend.  Long story short my incision became abscessed.   So she needed to clean it out (OUCH!!)  pack it and bandage it.  Today I was able to remove the bandage and packing.  I am so exhausted tonite from complete anxiety.  I was shaking as I was removing it and was freaked out at the open hole in my arm.  I have begun 10 days of a super duper antibiotic different than the one I took 3 months ago when this BS first began.  I go back to see her Tuesday find out where we are at.  

So, now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to share this scribbled page I did for Alisa Burke's abstract class.  I found a face in this one as you can see and went back in with my markers to bring it out.  Looks pretty weird and I hesitated sharing it.  Maybe I am not crazy about this one because it feels like my state of mind lately!  lol



  1. WOW!...I'm so sorry you're having so many issues with your arm! :-( It makes me thankful to know, from my study of the Bible, that soon there will be no one that says: "I am sick!" {Isaiah 33:24} I sure hope this round of antibiotics does the trick! O_O

  2. Oh dear. Stupid abscess! I hope these anti biotics surprise you with the speed of their success in clearing your infection!