Monday, May 14, 2012

Short Haired Girl . . .

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Most of you already know that I have gone through cancer treatment and part of that of course is hair loss.  My hair was pretty long when it fell out during chemo.  Being bald was so not fun!  It was THE worst part of cancer for me.  Yep, thats right, worse than losing a breast.  I think for me it was just the outward, hard to hide sign that I was sick.  

 I was no stranger to short hair.  I have had it most of my life.  My first short cut was the Dorothy Hamill cut when I was about 9 years old.  As I grew older I became one of those girls who chopped it all off at different points in my life only to grow it long again.   It has been a few years since my hair was short and I am getting the itch once again.  But this time its for a cut that is very short!  My hair now is way past my shoulders and all I do is wrap it up in a clip.  I cannot stand the maintenance of long hair nor can I stand how it feels on my shoulders and neck.  And since the early onset of menopause at 40 (thank you chemo)  my hair has changed alot.  It breaks more easily, and I find it drier than it used to be.  I am also trying to go gray gracefully (ha ha)  and don't color my hair.  

This picture below is one I found years ago and have carried it with me as inspiration. lol  I love the style but haven't had the nerve to bring this pic to my stylist.  

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I also love the short style on actress Ginnifer Goodwin in the top pic.  So cute and sassy.  I like the longer length in the front at the bangs and shorter on the sides and back.  

So this is what has been  mulling around in my head for the past few weeks.  We shall see if I act on it! lol

I have two lovely artist friends who are rockin beautiful pixie hairstyles . . . Manon Doyle and
 Silke Powers!  Lovely ladies who create amazing art!!  Click on their names to stop by their art blogs!



  1. I say...go for it. And yes, you knew I would!! :) Now, I know the being bald part and the emotions...and I can say, for me, that once I got used to it, I kinda liked it. I felt free. And most often I'd go around the house au naturel and the kids got used to it. And so did their friends. I'd often open the door to them and forget and then go to get my bandana and bless their teenage hearts (these kids ranged in age from 14-18), they told me to just leave it because I looked so cool. And so I did. Now, hair to me is hair. It comes and it goes. I let it grow long and then I cut it off for something sassy. Because for me, being sassy is what it is all about. Whatever you choose to do, follow your heart. Don't let "fear" of what it might look like hold you back. And then come and show us the sassy Cathy!!! xoxoxox

  2. Go short!
    I think I am the only one out there that LOVED being totally bald from the chemo. I have FUZZ growing in now and if it wasn't for DH, I'd have it shaved off! (yes, I would voluntarily stay bald...)
    And Manon and Silke can totally rock the Pixie-Do's. If only I had that type of hair....
    Cut it!
    Cut it! :-)


  3. I also say cut it! It's so easy and freeing. I get stopped countless times a week by other women to talk about my No fear!! Just do it!!!!

  4. I always had really long hair when I was younger, and the way I got to my very short hair at one time was by gradually making it shorter and shorter--it was easier for me and not as bad a shock to everyone else (to go from really long to really short)
    I say cut it (it'll grow back) My hair is so fine with no body, but if I could do it--I'd be short in a minute--I love those pixie cuts.

  5. That's a nice haircut indeed! The second one I mean.
    Will you post a picture of your new haircut once you've had it done? :)
    Now you talked about it, tickled your bloggers' curiosity, you just have to!

  6. Thanks for letting me know about this post, Cathy! I've been away from the computer so much that I haven't made the blog rounds. Thanks for the shout out!! You know, I had my hair long and in a bob for a long time and then I had a dream of me with short hair. The next day I went to my hair dresser and told her about it and she gave me the cutest hair cut. I've had it short ever since - and that was probably 15 years ago...

    I'm all for giving it a try. I think that second hair cut would look fantastic on you!! Plus, hair grows and that makes it a pretty low-risk dare...

    Love, Silke