Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Texture Tuesday . . . Pink

Its that time again and this week I am not missing it! The challenge was to use anything pink. Well, pink is my fav color so that was not tough for me. I chose this pic I took of my roses that Lou gave me for our anniversary in May. Kim sent out a new texture "aurora" which I love so I knew I would use that for this image. I just love the script in this new texture!

I added the texture in soft light x2 and then multiply. I also took down the saturation to give it a more faded look.

Here is the original image. . .

Check out Kim's blog for all the pink lovelies that are being shared today!
Click HERE!


  1. Wow...you did an amazing job. I just love roses.

    Hope your day is blessed!

  2. Although I'm not a big fan of pink...as in yarn...I LOVE this! So soft and romantic with the words on it. :-]

  3. Beautiful work.

  4. Love the pink!!!! Just great.... :)

  5. you did a great job of taking an ordinary photo and creating something very lovely and interesting!!

  6. Beautiful rose and your editing is spot on! Visiting from Texture Tuesday. :)

  7. Beautiful! I love the flowers you can almost see in the background and the soft, faded look you gave it. Aurora is the perfect texture to create a dreamy piece of art!

  8. So beautiful, Cathy !
    Love the soft faded look !
    Wish you a nice day,

  9. I'm playing catchup - so many blogs to see. I'm glad I didn't miss yours! The result is beautiful - well done!