Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Fear ? Then Why Does She Look So Scared

"no fear, only love"
acrylic on 9x12 watercolor paper

This past week I have been creating alot. I am not sure if it is because of all the emotional stress I have been going through but whatever it is art is healing. Based on this painting art is also obviously pulling stuff out of me! lol

I typically don't like watercolor paper because of the warping and bending that happens but I had a piece lying around. I had been wanting to try and paint a messy dark portrait. I have gotten away from sketching and painting my faces and I miss it. I must have spent 3 hours with this girl. I started out with watersoluble graphite pencils and water. I roughly drew her on the paper and added water, then I added white acrylics and liked what was happening. I added payne's gray to the background and decided to start using it on her face.

I drew the hanging hearts with a white gel pen at the end and the words popped into my head. After she was done I looked at her face and laughed! I thought about how the words didn't fit her freaked out expression! lol

Maybe it is what she is hoping to find. I know it is what I am hoping to find!

Maybe she is me . . .


  1. I don't know why I never noticed that you had a Facebook page before! I just 'liked' you though...Anyway!...Emotional stress?!..Did I miss something, or did you not talk about it?!...Anyway, isn't it usually true that we create our own reality sometimes?!...Are you freaked out?!!! LOL

  2. lol! You are funny! Have you noticed how worried all of mine look even when they are labeled brave or courage? I think in part it is wishful thinking but I really do believe that our deepest thoughts push through unkowningly onto the canvas. It's not until we stop and look that we see how we really feel deep down.

  3. oh I love when you work in your black and white and shades of gray!!! she looks like she is a bit scared...a bit surprised....but she is strong!!!