Monday, July 25, 2011

New Sketch And Sharing My Story

"Love is just a touch away . . ."

I sketched this sweet girl a few days ago. I love hearts. I had to get this image out of my head before it was lost. Yes, that tends to happen these days! lol

I have already started the background on a wrapped canvas which will be her home. I am using green for the grass, and peach/yellows for the sky, with a purple tree and possibly lavender hearts. I am thinking her dress will be white with lavender for the heart on her back. Not sure yet if she will be a brunette or blond. As I am looking at the colors I chose for her background I want to change them because they seem so bright to me but I am just gonna go with it! You know how much I struggle with colors. I suppose if I really hate it I can just paint right over it with something else. lol

Also today I am sharing my story over at Do What You Love For Life hosted by the lovely Beth Nicholls. So, for more about me and how I arrived here at Artsy Butterfly hop on over to Beth's website and check it out as well as many other inspiring stories all about doing what you love!

Click HERE!


  1. I loved getting to know more about you in the interview. We have a LOT in common, you and I!...Happy to be following you along your journey! :-)

  2. I really like all your ideas for the painting...can't wait to see how it turns out!!! xoxo

  3. She's so pretty!! Great ideas!! : ))

  4. Great Cathy!!
    Have a nice week!!

  5. She's beautiful Cathy--I love the feeling!!

  6. Lovely sketch! The hearts are very cool. I'm headed over to read your story now. Congrats on being featured.

  7. She's lovely and I, too, love hearts for very personal reasons. I am going over to read your story! xxoo

  8. Beautiful sketch - so sensitive. I love how her head is down and yet she is happy. Those hearts are lovely, too. Love it :o)