Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finding Faces And Adding Words . . .

mixed media on 8x8 canvas

I am still trying to come out from under this flu but it just doesn't want to leave.  I am much better but this is my third week and I long to feel back to my healthier self.  I have no patience for being strapped to the couch, stuck inside the house, or needing to lay down after taking a shower from fatigue.  

On the bright side I am able to get back to some painting.  Pthalo blue is becoming a favorite color of mine.  For this piece I used only that and titanium white.  No brushes, just my hands.  I tend to feel much too restricted with a brush.  I squeeze the paint from the tube right onto the canvas in a few places and then go at it with my hands.  I keep going till it feels done.  Or until I see some images appear.  

I found a face on the left and I hope you see it too.  I added the letter stencils for some contrast and stenciled on the words because they just felt like they fit.  

It is supposed to be a nice day here in NY so I am  hoping to go for a stroll by the lake across the street.  Maybe being around nature will help take me out of this funk!

Hope all is well in your world!

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  1. i just love this cathy. this is also one of my favorite colors i go to over and over. i saw the face almost immediately, so subtle and gorgeously haunting. i hope you get well lickity split, no fair huh?!