Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PicTapGo And An iPad Yes or No??

I took this photo back in December at the walk trail I long to go back to.  Since I have been sick with this stinkin flu I have not been up to walking or much of anything really.  Its 3 weeks now and I am still not back to 100%.  I have alot of rib pain from all the coughing which seems to be getting worse and not better, the pain not the cough.  

Anyway, I tried a new app called PicTapGo for the iPhone.  I added the filters with that app and you can get some really cool effects with it.  It will also save your recipes and it recalls your "style" if you will.  I highly recommend it!

I have also been thinking of and resisting getting an iPad.  I use my iphone for my photography and digital art.  It is pretty small but what I can do with it is amazing.  I hardly ever go on the computer and open up photoshop anymore.  The phone makes it so darn easy!  I have been reading some blogs and checking out the digital art created with the iPad apps.  There are some cool ones for drawing and painting.  And then I thought that maybe I should just keep it old school, stick with paper and pencil.  I certainly do not need another digital device to become addicted to!  But I bet it would be lots of fun to sketch digitally.  

Do any of you have an iPad?  If so do you love it?? 
Let me know!

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  1. Yes! I have an iPad and yes I love it. It's def my go-to for most things. There is a graphic design/sketch app I just ran across last week called "Paper" with a number 53 on the front. It is awesome! I'm not even sure I know it's full capabilities yet, but I'm having a blast finding out. You could try it for free on your iPhone to see if you like it, but I would recommend the iPad for full viewing pleasure.
    I am going to try your pictapgo....I'm addicted to filters.
    Hope you feel back to normal soon....I had the flu so bad last year, I cracked some ribs with all the coughing....I don't wish that on anyone. Feel better.