Sunday, September 2, 2012

There is Always Photography . . .

I meant to put up a post on Friday as I always do for the Paint Party Friday link up however I haven't painted in a couple of weeks.  Haven't been painting much since I have been sick.  

The other day I was scrolling through some photos and found a cool one I shot a few years ago in NYC.  I put it in snap seed and spent some time altering it.  That sometimes can feel like painting to me.   I get lost in the moment of creating.  

I went for vintage and grunge on this one.  And it just works.

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend.  I am soooo looking forward to fall and the crisp weather that hopefully is on its way soon!


  1. I agree...sometimes working at altering a photograph does feel like are creating something different. I hear you -- I too often get lost in the editing and the textures...we live in such a great age where things like this are possible.

    Hope you are feeling better and have been able to enjoy the long weekend! xo

  2. I try not to alter my photos. I don't consider it wrong, but it wouldn't give me the same satisfaction.
    If the photo comes out well, it just means I used the perfect combination of diaphragm aperture, exposure time, and focal length in manual mode. I used film until I could before turning digital. I guess there's something about it left in me.

    When I read you had taken the picture a few years ago, I thought: "How many? 60?"

    Good job!